Virtual classrooms and their changing roles with COVID-19

Virtual classrooms and their changing roles with COVID-19

The greatest difficulty COVID-19 has brought us is antisocial . This effects the children most because being social is part of growth and development .

In classic classrooms in India it was almost a legacy to let the teacher talk with children maintaining pindrop silence even a movement leading to punishment. There was little space for any exchange of ideas with the teacher and with the population in class only a few elite students had the confidence and freedom to speak or answer.

Now there is a need of change in virtual classroom where issues raised by COVID-19 has made children very restricted access to their social environment. These classrooms need to address the issue by making education a tool to bring out together exchange of ideas among students in a classroom on a topic. Now with teaching content easily available and ease to use media it becomes easy to explain the topic. The other half of the lecture could be used in making it interactive with the students and also encouraging exchange of ideas among them.

Altough for smaller children it needs to be handled and moderated at times translated by the teacher. Teacher can act as the connection in between the students also she can occasionally boost up the topics by giving her knowledge.The main challenge lies in defining the rules for conducting such brainstorm session to promote socializing in virtual classrooms. Turns can be taken or teacher can take names. Allow 2 or 3 to speak to each other at a time to avoid noise . May be you can have a lecture with advance topic and notification so that children can come prepared.

Its time education encompass not just IQ development but also fill in areas in the life of a child that is vaccum.

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