Timing is of utmost importance, When Teaching at Home

Timing is of utmost , When dealing at Home

Children are not always ready to take something new, their childhood issues. So it becomes our responsibility to draw a way to teach them when it will get the best into them.

Timing plays an important role. They are at their best just fresh after a sleep , stomach full , contended play time. These are the best times to use and be ready with your content also juggling your work and chores.

But every time is not good for something new to teach. Sometimes let them just repeat or listen , review a chart or list done, byheart that needs to be done.You can attend them or let them be on their own if the topic isn’t new but has already been outlined by you.

Timing and the actual topic or content type related to learning needs to be set in rotation to avoid boredom another childhood issue.

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