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Writing to connect, Writing to express

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook

Sometimes words were not enough
Sometimes the situation just not apt
Sometimes the listener just not right
Sometimes these are emotions you couldn’t speak

I held my words to myself
And then put them to write

But its no less a challenge
Should i write this or that
Can i mention this or not
How to put it , so that its isn’t questioned about
How do i cover , so there are no loose ends left out

There is so much to write
I choose what i can say best
I choose my words with care
I close it so no one else ends it for me
I write from experience but keep my self out of it

There is A lot to say
It takes a tons of research
It takes a tour in the inner world
Sometimes these are moments from your journey

I dont want to keep it unfinished
Travel all those realms in this one piece

Thats when i realise
I can only write
what my heart beieves in
And my courage to speak in
First i need to develop the strength within
To reflect them in my writing

Now its ready
Get it going
Dont bother about judgements
Cos you have already spoken and held it many a times
This time let your writing express
in the most brilliant ways
Not missing any of those details

Now you want all to hear Something

All share and know ,with your words ringing

You have spoken well when you get them listening
You have written well when you get them connecting