Learning At Home

mother helping her daughter use a laptop

In current conditions and challenges at health front many a times kids are fully dependent on learning from home , though the online learning has kept them connected with learning certain steps need to be followed to keep this learning stress free both for the learner and the tutor and to continue on a routine … Continue reading Learning At Home

Home Schooling , Home Teaching – How to teach a difficult child blog

mother helping her daughter with homework

In this system of education or when used to support kids by additional tutoring at home , needs lot of preparation and back effort to work for best interest of child with focused attention and working on their weak areas needing more efforts and practice. Being ready with a proper plan based on subjects , … Continue reading Home Schooling , Home Teaching – How to teach a difficult child blog

Pages from My Life Parenting – 7

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Life Cycle in every field I wasn't part of any social media platform for really long , its only recently with pandemic and lockdowns i found my way here or never thought of it even as a necessity. Now i realize the benefits it brought into my life the easyflow of information , knowledge and … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 7

Practical ways – 8. Measurements and Comparisons

strawberries and measuring tape

Measurement basics are introduced in grade1 discussion of measurements around us, how we are to use and how it makes things easy to evaluate , estimate , various ways and instruments , measurement system, learning to make comparisons and choices. Yes its too much information to process presented totally from a formal point of view. … Continue reading Practical ways – 8. Measurements and Comparisons

Pages from Life Parenting -2

The challenges with current situation and much discussed about online education is the same at my home. No doubt it has kept my child from getting totally cutoff from their school routine and life. But disturbed home routines , mental well being and limited physical activity or exposure is adding to the pressure .Well we … Continue reading Pages from Life Parenting -2