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Walk Away

photo of woman in red outfit walking

Walk Away

When you don’t want to be a part of it
When you don’t wan to be at the receiving end
When you have had enough of it
When you heart says it does not feel right

You don’t have to stand for manners
You don’t have to show togetherness
You don’t have to stand for fear of being left alone

Preserve your sanity
Preserve your sanctity

Even if it seems walk out
Will get you labelled

Don’t let them get on you
The more you spend with them
The more you get dragged into the vicious circle

Sooner you will find yourself one among them
All their choice
All their opinion
All their decision
All their action
Suddenly start to seem right and justified
Because now you want to fit in no matter what right

Walk away when you have the chance
No matter if its a corner you stand alone.