Words powerful

She looked at me with tears in the brim Her pain radiating  through her anguish I know i had push her to make through this. And then I spoke, to help her rise A word to remind and  believe in the strength within Not giving up in the face and sinking in Using the power … Continue reading Words powerful

Connection Divine

Each has his reason to connect to divine For some to achieve their goals For some its fulfillment of soul For others its meeting their needs For some a  miracle to help fix For others through their works For some blessings for their loved ones For some its healing and recovery For others guiding through … Continue reading Connection Divine


If life no more seems satisfying If life is no more driven by trophy It no more feeds your drive. Its time to move on to the next level A force that that connects with your soul A need to leave behind your part in the making Making by changing , breaking and renewing Not … Continue reading Mankind