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Balance a very tricky thing, To know you need to know the other extreme. To be where you have never been . To think from just the opposite of your scene. To accept there exists a side you haven't seen. To value yourself and still respect anothers merit. Balance in self, To know you are … Continue reading Balance


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Ego is self harm. is sitting in self created bed of denying help at hands length. cos you are always at the right when victory is alone yours to savor. losses always because of unable to hear or see. for you are in blind belief. is forgetting the journey. remembering the trophy. … Continue reading Ego

Sometimes Being me, Thats not me

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Keeping Everything under control right under my breath,SometimesLetting out so that I can breathe free. Standing strong like nothing moves me, SometimesLooking for someone to hold me . Living as if never looking back, SometimesThe past peeps through teary eyes. Long let gone those dreams that gleam, YetWishing for those dream once seen . Now … Continue reading Sometimes Being me, Thats not me