Self Aware Learning

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We all have different strength to learning some are concept based , language based , logical and analytical based and some rely on memorizing. Though in academics most of the performers are from memorizing type. Other styles of learning are not much known which can helps others achieve grades like toppers , unless one learns … Continue reading Self Aware Learning

Pages from My Life Parenting -12

Organized and Build Up methods of learning My daughter just finished her third semester of this year , it went much smoother even with all the challenges we faced at home front and health front . I have always cultivated and followed an organized regular method of learning than adhoc and crash course ones before … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -12

Inculcating Self Study among children

With trend and generation of classes , tutoring and mentoring children have access to quick , easy and ready-made contents for learning. This approach to learning for preparation and results has made the generation very much dependent on ready external sources of study. The advantage of this type of learning is less amount of efforts … Continue reading Inculcating Self Study among children