Can we undo our wrongs Can we make it right again Can we fix it like new again. No we can't. But to realise and make an effort To know we have wronged And wanting to change . To know it was a moment of decision And not pushing the blame . To have put … Continue reading Undo


To give up the most cherished of all To see anothers dream fulfilled above all At the expense of our own Wanting to see another grow. This bitter sweet poison I swallow everyday. To see you make it each day Helps me forget the pain. And everyday till my breadth Till I can endure I … Continue reading Sacrifice

To know the Truth

You want to know the truth Do you want to hear my story. I will tell you every bit of it Will you able to take all of it. When it will reveal all that you never knew When it will show all that you didnt want to see When it will speak all of … Continue reading To know the Truth

Not my way

You cant always have your ways Nor can submit to all their ways. If you hold stern You will get the other hurt Or force them to go against . Take a look into their side Make space for their viewpoint. Work out a mid way A little of you A little of them So … Continue reading Not my way

Grew apart

Sometimes these distances grows so long. We stopped wishing each other in those routine pass. We didn't stop to ask each other about. Now it seems like a long journey To get back to you and start again Like we are unknown again. I wish one of us had tried not letting it build so … Continue reading Grew apart

My Journal 74. Life Talks

photo of a turtle underwater

With our kids and close relations to build this internal connection to understand from perspective beyond just material world , its necessary we discuss about spirituality , humanity and life. Through these talks help them realize their potential as humans, our responsibility to our environment and lives around . How in various stages of life … Continue reading My Journal 74. Life Talks


What could lifeless mean No love to keep beating No passion to keep driving No reason to keep striving No hopes to keep chasing No humanity to thrive living. Lifeless objects around Serve purpose designed for Some overlooked Some put to use Some when worn are thrown Some to show around Some carry memories Some … Continue reading Lifeless

Not yours

If they have not seen you shed Nor seen you rise after sinking. Those times you just kept surviving and enduring Carrying a smile but a time out for all the grieving. If they have  not know your struggles All those inner battles. How are they to be yours They have no place To say they … Continue reading Not yours

Holding on

I held onto you for really long Putting up with everything I never was Just to keep all of this going In the process hated all that I was becoming Something inside kept revolting And then after a time it stopped speaking. I wanted to wait till you would become All that I wished for … Continue reading Holding on

Bonds that break

Bonds that can break over a single disaggrement Bonds that last only till an aggrement Bonds that are quick at judgment Bonds that lack empathy for the other Bonds with pre conceived notions Bonds with stubborn requirements Bonds with expectations. Bonds with doubt and distraught. Bonds that dont forgive , accept and heal Bonds that … Continue reading Bonds that break

A Gem

Oh You were too quick to judge me Let time pass and you will start to love me. As time will unfold Everything you never knew about me. As time will reveal All that you wrongly calculated in haste. As time will tell This time you were wrong to judge a person. As time will … Continue reading A Gem


I shared my secrets with you I thought it was safe with you. I told you my story I opened up wholly. I found the dear friend in you . And then one day Something happened to you. You put my weakness On display for everyone to see. You found opportunity In my vulnerability. I … Continue reading Trust

My Journal 71. How to stop others opinions affect your views

different pebbles on beach as abstract background

Being part of this socializing trend how not to let others views affect your judgment or not let them lead your thoughts or doubt your own views. These should be very carefully evaluated decision because most of the time we want to be part of these social relations that gives a sense of belonging ,at … Continue reading My Journal 71. How to stop others opinions affect your views

I am with you

We know very less about life on the other side Still we jump to conclusions. We beleive we can move all But these are lives , not mountains of rock. They have had a past They carry burdens vast. Give them all the time you have Stand with them To let them heal with time … Continue reading I am with you

My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

life is now neon signage

In life many a times we walk the wrong path not knowing its not leading to our destination this may be due to wrong decisions or wrongly directed or wrong people and relations or lies that you believed or was made to believe in . And what happens when you realize you have reached a … Continue reading My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

What is it about Life

man wearing grey shirt standing on elevated surface

What is it about Life. What is it about Life challenging?There are always people on the other side of your being. What is it about Life annoying?There is unending hunger still there are others rejoicing. What is about Life so beautiful?The beauty is in the eyes of holding, its not the same for all beings. … Continue reading What is it about Life


anonymous travelers walking along sandy seashore

Expectations the burden of own longingsunfinished wanting'srelationships with accountings. Holding onto like a baby clingingBreaking within when not meeting. The real spoiler in relationsAnother's choices dictating over decisionsPressure to meet the unreasonable conditionsUnending Fights to achieve positions Not set them so highTo end with a sigh.Just right for self and in relationsDon't push to see … Continue reading Expectations

No more love

Why does it feel always like a memo To even get across to you. Why do you stare at screens Even when I am speaking to you. Why dont you understand When I say I need a break. Why do you open accounts To show how much you do. Why cant we just speak and … Continue reading No more love

My Journal 56. Mutual Admiration and Respect

anonymous colleagues shaking hands before business meeting

Its very important to respect and appreciate each other mutually in any relation to keep respectful views from both sides, value your differences , respect for the relation, commitment to the relation , public display of appreciation for another despite any conflicts. Being a writer i admire my readers for their ability to see through … Continue reading My Journal 56. Mutual Admiration and Respect

Ups and downs

We will be through it. Both the ups and downs. Dont expect it to be a perfect one, There will be bumps along the road. We may cross each other. Sometimes we move parallel. At times one of us pulls over , The other keeps moving. At times we are in the same lane. Sometimes … Continue reading Ups and downs

Spaces In Relations

colorful transparent texture of natural background

Spaces in relation , Have meanings . Serves purpose . Defines ones equation. Creates a comfort zone. Preserves the relation. Reasons varied, sometimes a boundary. sometimes a new bond. sometimes a broken trust. sometimes to respect their privacy . sometimes to preserve ones identity. sometimes a healthy way of interacting and exchanging. sometimes to respect … Continue reading Spaces In Relations

My Journal 48. Forget to keep going

You know the difficult part of being human and complexities involving relations is our inability to be able to erase or forget our memories just like that. Yes with a continuous effort , strong will , ignoring , focusing on other areas of life and training our mind to so it sometimes becomes possible though … Continue reading My Journal 48. Forget to keep going

My Journal 46. Take a break and find your balance

sportive woman with bicycle resting on countryside road in sunlight

Hi dear friends, I have been busy blogging and editing for my books regularly . I admit i love writing its the most important part of my life and keeps my days going , but no matter how much i love it , i have decided to take breaks in between . Where i get … Continue reading My Journal 46. Take a break and find your balance


Let them flow Unload the burdens you carry. Just let them flow But for a reason truly deserving. So not to make you feel weak within. Tears for memories . Tears for lost dreams. Tears for pains that passed. Tears to release the brim. Tears to speak the unspoken. Tears to clear those sores. Don't … Continue reading Tears

Me Without You

Without compass in the sea, Without maps to roads, Without experience about life, We would be just lost in our journey . Without guidance, Without support, Without love , We would be falling even before rising. Without faith, Without belief , Without hope, We would be just living not alive. You need all of that … Continue reading Me Without You

My Journal 37 . Changing People

person in blue and white plaid shirt holding brown cardboard box

Many a times we want to change people around us especially our dear ones to see for their betterment , happiness and success. Sometimes to make relations work , to get better out of a relation, for them to have better relations . This isn't easy because not everybody is willing to change, nor is … Continue reading My Journal 37 . Changing People


abstract background beach color

Relationships for a reason. for common intention. for sharing emotions. Relations that think alike, that don't attach. that serve purpose. Relationships of every type, ones that last lifetime. ones that dont stand test of time. those that are ties of blood. those that are stronger than bonds of blood. ones that need attention. ones that … Continue reading Relationships