Words have great power

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Words have great power A word here and thereAnd means something else altogetherUsing it just rightwhen you want to make it clearPutting in a waythat doesn't mean to hurt otherGiving it just the right detailsSo that it strikes the centerSome of it woven with your heartSometimes just as a crystal clear thoughtSome backed with facts … Continue reading Words have great power


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People make friends for different reasons and choose friends over varied reasons. Some friendship last life long ,some as long as you work along. Some make friends whom they carry along , some make friends they can share all about . Some friends for benefits , some friends mean business . Some friends who never … Continue reading Friends

Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship

multiethnic students and teacher listening report of student

There have been times to get children to understand or listen we have to talk about or remind them of their teacher . What the teacher would think or say about for a particular situation or problem and then we get a immediate response that's the power of the teacher - child relationship. There are … Continue reading Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship