Creative use of boards

white and brown floral board

Black boards , writng and doodling boards, easel boards, magnetic boards , diy boards, tracing boards, concept boards , sensory boards etc.. There are lot number of boards and their creative uses than we can think . Easel painting can provide idea how a child is developing emotionally, physically and cognitively. Most of all it is … Continue reading Creative use of boards

Facing Negative emotions

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As mindful parents we will have to be conscious about our actions , how we react , speak to our kids,check on our selves and our emotions and make sure our actions dont pust them to wrong side of thinking. Helping kids face and deal negative emotions from young age rather than ignoring negative side … Continue reading Facing Negative emotions

Reverse Theory

Many a times we profess or have been advised , you feel good n good things will happen to you, you stay positive n you will attract positivity, you believe in something n that gives power to manifest. It looks like a reverse theory which actually works. Actually there is also reversal theory in psychology … Continue reading Reverse Theory

Practical ways – 9. Mentoring Public Speaking skills

man standing in front of people sitting on red chairs

Public speaking cannot be achieved or trained within a day .Its a process a person goes through and mastered with experience , practice and guidance. The benefits of public speaking are known to all how it builds confidence , gives success in many fields , better writing research and deductive skills. These are equally important … Continue reading Practical ways – 9. Mentoring Public Speaking skills

Ideals perfect or imperfect?

I decided to write this seeing the current series of events in our media , and some in past decade that have come to light through media about the role models, their picture perfect and reality. When i was young and naïve i used to think highly of people with great intellects, talents ,fame, skills … Continue reading Ideals perfect or imperfect?

Pages from My Life Parenting -9

water color palette on white case

With children around its always going to be messy In current scenario with growing burden of chores and no help, as well as all round the clock catering to children - studies , activities , play , bonding as much as i can do to keep them away from screen time. And never ending kitchen … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -9

Pages from My Life Parenting – 8

pen calendar to do checklist

Fruitful use of vacation time Here I wont be sharing how you can engage your child in different activities or co curricular activities to take up, going for trips , taking up hobbies, exploring interests . That is a integral part of vacation that's what vacations are for. I will here share how i have … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 8

Reflection 9. – Future Focused

abstract aluminum architectural architecture

As parents we are always future focused about children their career , life, competition , challenges, milestones, goals. Most of the problems arise trying to be future focused while the actual need is to live in the current moment. There is always a fear and uncertainty with the future and a trying to be prepared … Continue reading Reflection 9. – Future Focused

Realities of Motherhood

mother holding her baby

The standards set and expectations are really high from a mother , already being a woman in the family she is trained to be able to bear , learn to put herself behind and look after well being of others first. Not everybody has an easy motherhood , though called a joyful expereience.Many factors like … Continue reading Realities of Motherhood

Listen to your kids

mother and children on a sofa

We are always in a mood to teach , train or pass instructions or judgments. It is very necessary to take out time just to listen to them. No doubt all we do is out of care and concern but its also a relation like any other relation and we need to build it giving … Continue reading Listen to your kids

Freedom to fly

anonymous person pointing finger at bird

A bird trains its chick to fly , But never asks it to return As it has a journey to strive. Then Why do we bind them and have them burden expectations Why do we tell them they are free yet they have a limited sky Its in our duty to care to teach them … Continue reading Freedom to fly

Double Standard

portrait of a woman with double exposure

Its very common to have people preach very high morals and practice exactly the opposite without letting it even be doubted. Its in this generation which holds a face and feels or thinks exactly opposite within , without changes in lines of face. This has made it even difficult to judge people just by their … Continue reading Double Standard

Reflection 8. – Freedom to make decisions and opinion’s

chessboard game

The best way to put your belief in children , give them an understanding of all possibilities , choices , the effects good or bad , the values right and wrong and then freedom to let them make their decisions and form opinions based on their thinking and experience. Yet if they go wrong they … Continue reading Reflection 8. – Freedom to make decisions and opinion’s

Pages from My Life Parenting – 7

colorful toothed wheels

Life Cycle in every field I wasn't part of any social media platform for really long , its only recently with pandemic and lockdowns i found my way here or never thought of it even as a necessity. Now i realize the benefits it brought into my life the easyflow of information , knowledge and … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 7

Reflection 7. – Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

colorful drawings on wall

Its important in todays competitive world our children don't become high headed with their success or fuel their egos with achievement and consider every other person as threat/ competition or failure to look down upon. Not everybody have had an equal opportunity or life isn't fair in terms of resources , physical / mental challenges … Continue reading Reflection 7. – Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

Bullying is a silent killer which breaks more than mind , strength and courage of the victim to fight back also it has its effect long after those episodes are over in life. The only way is to tackle them to avoid carrying the burden always. But its not easy as said there are various … Continue reading Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

Reflections 5. – Raising Children Gender Equitably

woman running on grassy meadow in mountainous valley

This wont be a concern in some parts of the world but in India the basic equality still a girl child is fighting for is right to education , she is considered to be more of help at home and learn house chores cooking ,helping her family , learning skills that will benefit her later … Continue reading Reflections 5. – Raising Children Gender Equitably

Reflections 4. – Parenting challenges at Different Ages

art artistic beautiful bloom

Many a times as parents confronted with difficult situation with child at various ages of development, we have come to terms with other facets of development too. We would try to find factors beyond our control to have influenced the child The child wasn't so before, was bright or excelled in academics or sports or … Continue reading Reflections 4. – Parenting challenges at Different Ages

Reflection 3. -The Upbringing Factor

We are mainly collection of memories we collect from childhood and that makes what we are or we will strive to be or not be. Many important episodes of our life and milestones define our outlook and rendering of situations. The influence of parents and other important people through out growing years have along lasting … Continue reading Reflection 3. -The Upbringing Factor

Pages from My Life Parenting – 6

Pretend play The episodes I share here is what every parent relates to , just giving them words so we can revisit those wonderful memories how we grew with our children, well there are bad ones too I will surely skip those.Lets keep the positivity and keep out the negativity after all thats all what … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 6

Pages from My Life Parenting-5

Act and learn Its surprising to see how children come up with their own innovations in playing and unknowingly open new ways to learning. My kids have been finding ways to keep them engaged on their own with their parents busy in work from home and more cooking time and additional chores.One of my kid … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting-5

Reflections 1- The identity

I am writing a new series of thoughts on life and how parenting is a reflection of what we believe and we are. Parenting is not something that is taught because it is a natural feeling for the child and reflection of our deep rooted beliefs , our attitude and expectation from life and much … Continue reading Reflections 1- The identity

Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning

Learning is a continuous process, some can be early learners , some can be late, there can be different paths to learning the same thing.But what matters the most is attitude, approach , mindset towards learning. Unfortunately the attitude towards learning in early years plays a very important role in creating a mindset for lifetime … Continue reading Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning

Pages from Life Parenting -2

The challenges with current situation and much discussed about online education is the same at my home. No doubt it has kept my child from getting totally cutoff from their school routine and life. But disturbed home routines , mental well being and limited physical activity or exposure is adding to the pressure .Well we … Continue reading Pages from Life Parenting -2

Pages from My Life Parenting-3

men s blue and white crew neck shirt

Being a person who has always been into books most of life reason may be the way i was brought up or then my curiosity to study the same topic from many different books thinking it would make it even more easier or simpler to understand and ended up it getting even more complex. I … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting-3

Making Play a medium to Learn

depth of field photography of p l a y wooden letter decors on top of beige wooden surface

With pandemic a very important commodity added to essential goods for a family are toys and lots of play time at home (not including gaming and screen time) . Not much before did toys have that much of importance due to all other options available like parks , beaches , malls , friends. But now … Continue reading Making Play a medium to Learn

Building values through talk

In this age where everybody in every corner of the house is engrossed in their own devices, lets see and find time for talk to do wonders. Anything for a second that drives your attention from the screen seems a irritation.Aren't talks after all the heart of every relation. Just don't be critical competitive and … Continue reading Building values through talk

Change Takes Time

Change Takes Time Give it timeLet it take courseDont rush them with lureBcos if its instantIt wont hang around for long.Let them think ,see it workGive them time to make progress.Sometimes it will be a straight roadSome will take turns,Lanes unknown to return to correct one.Some cant handle itthey think they r without flawsIts ok … Continue reading Change Takes Time

Being a parent..

Being a parent..Everytime u are happy u wish ur child is more happierEverytime u sit to eat u wish ur children are more fullEverytime u face difficulty u wish ur child is never aloneEverytime u achieve u hope ur child achieves greaterEverytime there is an obstacle u wish u were to face it first...It never … Continue reading Being a parent..

The Average Child

I am least bothered about the race,I am just being the best of myselfLet me take my courseI am in no hurry to make it to boxWill take turns and learn from my mistakesI have no interest in what others rideI am happy being myselfI dont want to please othersNor bothered with numbers on my … Continue reading The Average Child

Practical Ways – 5. Begin to Read and More to It

Reading has multiple benefits from improving vocabulary, knowledge, memory, basic reading always helps to enhance our database.improves speaking and writing skills, gives more insight into better ways to explain ones thoughts.helps children improve concentration and focus, as reading requires certain level of attention to keep the flow The earlier children are introduced to reading process … Continue reading Practical Ways – 5. Begin to Read and More to It

The Process not the Point in Progress

Time plays an important aspect when teaching a difficult child: understanding all these aspects helps us to maintain the confidence , patience and perseverance when teaching the child. Time shouldn't be measured in terms of milestones achieved but the process to be used to reach the milestone. Some children may require more efforts to get … Continue reading The Process not the Point in Progress

Life skills a much needed learning

A time before when discipline and moral values were alone given importance in building a childs life along with education. With changing times and challenges around , a better approach without the stricter parenting for ensuring discipline and moral values and yet imbibing all qualities needed to lead a sucessful and independent life in all … Continue reading Life skills a much needed learning

Price of Evolution and Share in Failures

Are we able to give the younger generation a better place to live in with health challenges due to pandemic and lifestyle, environmental challenges due to concrete jungles, challenges in system (increasing corruption, nepotism,intolerance , increasing crimes on women and children, economy), challenges with technology - limited interaction and lack of human touch. The answer … Continue reading Price of Evolution and Share in Failures

Entertainment takes toll on Learning

A generation in which the men were mostly learned and earner in the family with women to handle burden of household chores.There was a wide spread craze of cricket in all forms ones that would go for days and ones that would start and end with day. It kept the audience so occupied, hours and … Continue reading Entertainment takes toll on Learning

New Parental Challenges with Covid-19

New Parental Challenges with Covid-19

Already being a parent has its challenges to undertake but with COVID-19 and followed lockdown the life of parenting has turned upside down for many. In normal life before, if both parents were working all requirements heeded for the child were very well in place. The time table for the day of the child was … Continue reading New Parental Challenges with Covid-19

Is teaching at fault ,if children don t get it?

Is teaching at fault ,if they don t get it?

Yes,the answer to the question is what will get you to the point .Its not difficulty in the child its the time of childhood, if not taken care will pass on to teens to rest of the life. When they dont get it perhaps there are areas that needs to be reconsidered in your teaching. … Continue reading Is teaching at fault ,if children don t get it?