In this world market Where everything sells. I dont know how do we sell That is priceless. Why do we buy That is worthless. Still everything valued at its price Not a thought about the price we pay To own something at the cost of life so dear. And to learn this skill to sell … Continue reading Sellable

Journey to Self Realization

When all of it starts falling in place Each of it starts to make sense. To realise all of it had a reason Each of your scars tells a story of courage. To have known all of it by being there Each of those hurdles and fears conquered. To have followed it with all of … Continue reading Journey to Self Realization

Riding the waves of change

To be able to read the winds See the pattern in the waves Hear from beyond your thoughts Brings the wisdom of change. To be able to challenge yourself To be able to let go , best of now To be able to start anew again Needs a lot of courage. To know now is … Continue reading Riding the waves of change


Can we undo our wrongs Can we make it right again Can we fix it like new again. No we can't. But to realise and make an effort To know we have wronged And wanting to change . To know it was a moment of decision And not pushing the blame . To have put … Continue reading Undo

I hold the power

I am not giving youthe power to hurt meI wont hate youto power your intentionsAgainst me. you don't deserveeven my slightest attention.I make sure you arenot fueled by my reaction.You mean nothing to mefaced with my indifference. I wont let you be the center of the universe.I won't let youIntercept my thoughtsI hold the powerto … Continue reading I hold the power

Love Renewed

woman standing near yellow petaled flower

Would you still love me When I have lost my sparkle When my skills no more shine And those medals no more mine When my mettles grow weak As if lost in deep ocean of time. Back to being me just at the start of a new journey Would you able to see that side … Continue reading Love Renewed


They flow without limits Changing forms Sometimes in receiving Sometimes in giving So pure they reach faster than prayers So harsh they can make loss deeper than swords. With no control over it They flow from our deepest desires Sometimes positive . Sometimes negative. The ones from our dear ones heal And from them who … Continue reading Energies


The ease with which the river flows Making its  path on its own The ease with which smile connects Requires no translation The ease with which a child imagines With no limitations. The ease with which a mother loves Witout any expectation. The ease with which thoughts flow From a poets pen Without any inhibition.

Grieving in Silence

Shouldn't you mourn a loss screaming and crying How bad it is to not be able to let it roll and have it bottled within To feel the pain so deep but cant express  it openly To behave as if it never happened or existed To keep going with a part of you lost in … Continue reading Grieving in Silence

To know the Truth

You want to know the truth Do you want to hear my story. I will tell you every bit of it Will you able to take all of it. When it will reveal all that you never knew When it will show all that you didnt want to see When it will speak all of … Continue reading To know the Truth


selective focus photography of die cast model toy cars

her eyes lit up that toy helped her forget all that ached. to see her dreams filled in owning that precious thing reminded me how we keep playing with our minds. every time we own a toy our hearts jump with joy and when we outgrow it then it lies with others in the stack. … Continue reading Toys

My Journal 77. Common traps

shallow focus photo of white spiderweb

Some common traps we all fall into whether you believe it or not however smart one is , we always in some form or the other fall into these traps. The best one is with our choices most of the time right from start with our intuition with our gut feeling , through our connection … Continue reading My Journal 77. Common traps

My Journal 76. Imperfect Life

Do we want to have the perfect life where everyday moves the way we like, every relation behaves the way we want , everything we would ever want to own is  always there. Then what would life mean without struggles to achieve , to keeping up the balance , to letting go sometimes and to … Continue reading My Journal 76. Imperfect Life

You can’t

You cant count all, some are meant to be weighed You cant push every door some open to pull You cant speak of everything some are felt in silence alone You cant grow without learning how to walk on your own You cant see the light without knowing darkness You cant see the other side … Continue reading You can’t

Not my way

You cant always have your ways Nor can submit to all their ways. If you hold stern You will get the other hurt Or force them to go against . Take a look into their side Make space for their viewpoint. Work out a mid way A little of you A little of them So … Continue reading Not my way

Legends were made

abstract technology time business

Legends were not born Legends were made They learnt through those falls They grew through those cracks They have been through those trenches. Found strength behind those failures To rise and be better. A vision beyond self powered to see for others. Followed their unique abilities To bring a new perspective . A dedication of … Continue reading Legends were made

Grew apart

Sometimes these distances grows so long. We stopped wishing each other in those routine pass. We didn't stop to ask each other about. Now it seems like a long journey To get back to you and start again Like we are unknown again. I wish one of us had tried not letting it build so … Continue reading Grew apart

Tools for life

flat lay shot of tools

Toolsmakes life half the strugglethese tools ease purposeserves to achieve the desired result.sometimes a handheld devicesometimes strategy wisesometimes the key to those doors of life.these could be skillssharpened over time.experience and learningbeing through the attitude to get it donean approach to peaceful to connect heartsawareness to build for stronger relationsvalues to keep … Continue reading Tools for life

Words powerful

She looked at me with tears in the brim Her pain radiating  through her anguish I know i had push her to make through this. And then I spoke, to help her rise A word to remind and  believe in the strength within Not giving up in the face and sinking in Using the power … Continue reading Words powerful


black and white photo of holding hands

have you seen eyes screamwhen lips tight sealed .speaks of allthose dreaded talesfears beyond imaginepains that cross limitshelpless at the hands of fateThe only hope to relieveA Miracle from the Supreme. have you seen eyes screamand your heart speaksto help lessen those strainsto give a hand ,you careyour words to speak their storiesto show you … Continue reading Compassion


What could lifeless mean No love to keep beating No passion to keep driving No reason to keep striving No hopes to keep chasing No humanity to thrive living. Lifeless objects around Serve purpose designed for Some overlooked Some put to use Some when worn are thrown Some to show around Some carry memories Some … Continue reading Lifeless

Alone but not lonely

Its not that I dont value you Its not that you are insignificant to me. Just that After being through storms for such long I want to be alone and calm I want to be on my own See things move from a distant zone I want to make my part But from my comfort … Continue reading Alone but not lonely

Down the lane

I kept walking down the lane Turning pages of time frame. I have seen me been through all Those autumns that shed my leaves . Those volcanos that devasted and dislocated me. Those famines testing extremes. Those floods washing away all and then to rebuild. Those earthquakes that shook me within. And then the evolution … Continue reading Down the lane

Nature Teaches

Have you seen the clouds Boast when they rain Have you seen the moon Take pride in it's warmth Have you seen the Tree Ask in return for all that it gives Have you seen the river Differentiate before serving The nature has taught the lessons Through practise Its time mankind learns to blend in.

Not just flowers

We are not looking only for roses Why compare us to just flowers. We too want to run those machines Why shouldn't we own one of those extremes. We very well understand complexities Why cant we be the thinkers that lead. We known how to hold it together Why cant we be the mentors. We … Continue reading Not just flowers

I changed

It wasn't always like this I too feared But one day decided to face it And then I no more  carry it. I too felt those wavy emotions But then stopped reacting And now its always stable within . I too wanted those big medals But then stopped expecting And they lost value. I too … Continue reading I changed

She had a dream

Have you seen dreams shatter They are very painful clutter. She had a dream At a hands reach Still she couldn't touch it. All thats inside her Just wanted that one thing. She gathered All the pieces But was not allowed to put it together. She knew thats what made her complete And still she … Continue reading She had a dream

Question at the gates

Standing at the gates To the final destination Stopped to ask a question. What pain could be greater A mouth to eat but couldn't eat A bed to sleep but no sleep A heart that beats but cannot love A wound from past A present full of struggles A future that is terminal. And came … Continue reading Question at the gates

Not yours

If they have not seen you shed Nor seen you rise after sinking. Those times you just kept surviving and enduring Carrying a smile but a time out for all the grieving. If they have  not know your struggles All those inner battles. How are they to be yours They have no place To say they … Continue reading Not yours


That point I felt I sunk deep down My spines no more took my command My heart tried pumping harder My brains tried holding all of it together I knew its over now or start anew. But where to start When all that I always ached for Now just vanished in thin air Taking with … Continue reading Rebirth


If life no more seems satisfying If life is no more driven by trophy It no more feeds your drive. Its time to move on to the next level A force that that connects with your soul A need to leave behind your part in the making Making by changing , breaking and renewing Not … Continue reading Mankind

Holding on

I held onto you for really long Putting up with everything I never was Just to keep all of this going In the process hated all that I was becoming Something inside kept revolting And then after a time it stopped speaking. I wanted to wait till you would become All that I wished for … Continue reading Holding on

Power to rise

The power to rise Always comes from within. Whether be it a struggling caterpillar Or a bird learning to flap its wings. Whether in the face of fear Like the tiny animals guarding their territories Or the prey slipping from predators wings. Whether an outlet to maintain the balance Like the nature that responds by … Continue reading Power to rise


You are The one who completes me Its always us together or life stood still. In moments of seperation Always eyes looking out for the other. A kind of emptiness waiting for you to fill with your presence Without you its like solitude amidst the crowd. With you life has purpose and reason to keep … Continue reading Companions

My song

I think about my song, How long will I keep singing Can I keep singing till the end of time Will my song last to reach the end of time Will my song touch their hearts or just a beautiful melody or hymn What will happen when my song is over Will I start again … Continue reading My song


I waited really long for you Even stood beside you To see your perspective To be a part of it I held you through all of it. Now waiting for you To help me fix. But, You are gone ,now on your own You have found your newly made self You are eager to explore … Continue reading Complete


You can sense when their words dont mean what they have spoken. You can sense the intention behind their actions. You know when they are here for another reason. Those vibes have already spoken . Still you take a step ahead To make a step towards change May be your vibes will influence them To … Continue reading Vibes

Time Alone

I dont know whats wrong with me Sometimes I feel like breaking off from everyone. Like a time alone. I dont even feel like saying a hi Even if you are moving right from near my eyes. I want to be in my own bubble Watch from a distance everything move Without being a part … Continue reading Time Alone

Facing fears

I am facing my fears Not letting it fill stuff in my ears That I cant I never will. I will go straight head first Fuelled with reason Ignited by mission Burning with desire I will be ready to face it ,right in the face of it. You cant put me down I have a … Continue reading Facing fears

I am not

I am not a poet I am not a writer I dont consider myself even near the better. Sometimes I dont know will it be accepted. Sometimes I doubt it will be rejected. But Then still everyday My thoughts flow And my pen gets to work. I am not writing to make it big. I … Continue reading I am not

Not a race

I will complete my journey I am reaching the post No matter the place I secure I will make it till the line. Yes I will move parallel to you That doesn't mean I am in the race. Yes our destinations are same That doesn't mean I am coming in your lane. Yes we are … Continue reading Not a race


Sometimes just ignore Behave ignorant Not all that they do needs your attention. But have your preparation right A step or two ahead of time When lines crossed Rebel with all your might. Give them a taste of their own medicine Let the blow be so hard To knock out For they never rise again … Continue reading Battles

Behind the smiles

I wish I could read behind those smiles Ones hiding deep memories Ones covering true feelings Ones suppressing those discrepancies Ones without emotions Ones made up for the picture perfect Those smiles so pure The one that comes from fulfillment The one of innocence The one that reflects soul The one that spreads to all … Continue reading Behind the smiles

Bonds that break

Bonds that can break over a single disaggrement Bonds that last only till an aggrement Bonds that are quick at judgment Bonds that lack empathy for the other Bonds with pre conceived notions Bonds with stubborn requirements Bonds with expectations. Bonds with doubt and distraught. Bonds that dont forgive , accept and heal Bonds that … Continue reading Bonds that break

The Wait

person carrying a bag hiking

Sometimes You Just keep moving though Now the Answers may not be clear Nor the confidence to reach. Still keep moving With all that you can keep doing. Sometimes it may be windy Sometimes cloudy Sometimes foggy. Still keep moving doing your bit Because when the time is right And all of it clears The … Continue reading The Wait


I dont express To put down , criticise or point anybody Its not about me Its pure account of, just as it is Not to bring forward my story Nor to seek sympathy Nor advise you on choices that no one can give Its just a map To the destination I traveled Roads I traversed … Continue reading Expressing

When its time

When it's time And I am gone I dont want to leave behind a gap to fill I dont want to be remembered for any will I want to leave Like the air that moved But nobody noticed Like the rain that showered And left everything fresh and renewed Like the river flowing A service … Continue reading When its time

My Journal.73 Herd Mindset

How great achiever or successful or talented one is in their field or life, loses its value if they are remote controlled under the influence of another. To have achieved a position of great value with efforts but not having the freedom to be able to freely think or decide for oneself renders  the knowledge … Continue reading My Journal.73 Herd Mindset

My Journal 72. Talking about Negative topics

round white and brown ceiling

Many a times in a society people who try to bring to light or talk about negative issues are alienated as others find them annoying or negative . Actually to be able to speak , accept and have a point of view on these so called negative topics is very much necessary to break that … Continue reading My Journal 72. Talking about Negative topics


I am not coming to the circus You are inviting me in. Where ferocious lions jump from rings Where majestic elephants sit on stools Where monkeys swing aimlessly. All trained to follow a stick Being not their original being. I am not accepting the invite To witness and be part of this . There is … Continue reading Circus


That connects to the heart That doesn't get lost in translation No ambiguity Nor those extra burden No glitter to make it shine. So easy made , yet conscious. Not wanting to fit in Just being me. Just how much I need. Not carrying weights of past Nor worried about a destination to reach. Just … Continue reading Simplicity


A bliss found within As you learn to accept everything as it is. Holding grudges and hate A turbulent storm created within. A constant urge to compare Always restless within. Not able to accept the other side A balance lost to extremes from within. This peace is always from within That affects our own living.

Its good to be back

Its good to back With a renewed mindset Those clutters taken care of Chalked a way to keep track of New rules and defined limitations To keep check, meeting those expectation Sometimes in this whirlwind Its better to move out, to see how we are entwined Unable to see how we keep sinking deeper Loosing … Continue reading Its good to be back


unrecognizable woman demonstrating light bulb in hands

Decisions that little pointthat paves the journey ahead that thought in mindthat helps you face with courage that moment taken in handthat defines your freedom to make those principles held so strongthat builds the person you are today those words spoken so loudthat no body can break those stands you takethat don't look for approval … Continue reading Decisions


The wait you grow in Testing your strength in faith. Knowing only time is powerful Seeing the petals unfold Stranded in a jammed road Watching the caterpillar transform Relations to grow and stand with time Wait for the results after training so hard A lesson that can never be taught One for each to experience … Continue reading Patience


Those dormant stars Pigeons staring from far Unused shoes on the rack Books with dust and broken specks Clothes on windows of the shop Lanterns hanging post festive times Those stubborn coffee stains on the table Cobwebs hanging on the wall So much of inactivity Showing apathy Lacking mobility Carrying inertia of those moving times. … Continue reading Inactivity


A break to achieve the unusual A break to find the lost connection A break to move away from regular patterns A break to make place for new transformation A break to slowdown to make corrections A break to check for cluttered corners A break to clear those hoarded boxes A break to observe the … Continue reading Break

Everytime I reach the end

Everytime I reach the end I am ready to give up on it I take a breath of calmness Let the next day bring in the newness I cant be so sure of the journey May be its just a stop with a u turn in waiting I just let the moment pass , let … Continue reading Everytime I reach the end


I cant speak always sweet dipped in honey Sometimes I will speak with honesty Not to let anybody down Nor is it going to bring back time. A word of a caution from part of my experience So that you are aware Your choices are not clouded You live a life with a fair chance … Continue reading Aware

Friend And Foe

Why do I need a foe if I have a friend like you How could have you cheated your heart that still loves me How could your soul make peace when you decided to break it How will anybody trust you when you are so good at breaking one I was better with my foes … Continue reading Friend And Foe

I have a dream

I have a dream I want to leave a world behind Our kids can live peacefully in. I want to make my part To be the change I wish to see. My words wont hold down anybody Just help them believe in the light within. I want awareness to spread so far Ignorance can't create … Continue reading I have a dream


We dont grow to make ourselves capable of judging We grow to show others how can you make it. We dont put our trophies to boost our ego We want our trophies to inspire you to have yours. We dont want you to follow our track We want you to be as original as you … Continue reading Humility


Being judgmental : Oh you be aware We have our eyes on you We are checking your every move We will tell you when you dont meet our standards You be wary , alert and nervous You should be bothered how well you stand up to our expectations We are self approved rule makers We … Continue reading Judgmental

Hi friends Paperback of My Books

Hi friends paperback of all my books are up and available now on notion press and for readers in India. Paperback for other countries please visit : paperback-revised-books Below are coupon codes to claim discount on prices only on notion press. code: NEWRELEASE code: FIRSTRELEASE code : NEWCOUPOUNS code : … Continue reading Hi friends Paperback of My Books

Be the Light

Sometimes you can be the light that directs in the deep blue sea Sometimes you can be the light that gives warmth at night Sometimes you can be the light thats hope in the dark thick forests Sometimes you can be the light that nourishes life. Sometimes you can be the light in anothers dream. … Continue reading Be the Light


I shared my secrets with you I thought it was safe with you. I told you my story I opened up wholly. I found the dear friend in you . And then one day Something happened to you. You put my weakness On display for everyone to see. You found opportunity In my vulnerability. I … Continue reading Trust

I am with you

We know very less about life on the other side Still we jump to conclusions. We beleive we can move all But these are lives , not mountains of rock. They have had a past They carry burdens vast. Give them all the time you have Stand with them To let them heal with time … Continue reading I am with you

Fun with no intended pun

selective focus photo of person holding joker playing card

Such a vain display of characterFun in mocking at other.A stage of jester performanceAudience to laugh atTo keep the play going .What a show of his witful tact'sTo lure the audience.Lost track of sensesLaughing for funAt another's expense.And we pray for a world with empathyWhen there are ones lost in ecstasy.And after all that , … Continue reading Fun with no intended pun

My Journal 69. Life and Books

assorted books on shelf

There is a deep connection between the two life and books and how they complement each other. Its through these books we have learnt from what was known to life and what we haven't known , what is there more to explore , travel to unknown and imaginary realms, paths traversed , knowledge discovered and … Continue reading My Journal 69. Life and Books

Being All

back view photo of a woman in black sleeveless top carrying a toddler

Nobody told the clouds to rain and shine at the same time The sun never gave warmth of moon, though its heat gives life to all. The ocean takes in from all that comes in  , it never has to give back to them. The roots hold on , but the delicate leaves caters to … Continue reading Being All

My Journal 67. About Writing

Hi friends today I received the paperback copies of one of my book . It was a wonderful feeling to actually hold it for  all that I have put in so much into.  Its not about the efforts or time . The reason , dedication ,writing about my journey ,lessons , challenges and solutions . … Continue reading My Journal 67. About Writing

What is it about Life

man wearing grey shirt standing on elevated surface

What is it about Life. What is it about Life challenging?There are always people on the other side of your being. What is it about Life annoying?There is unending hunger still there are others rejoicing. What is about Life so beautiful?The beauty is in the eyes of holding, its not the same for all beings. … Continue reading What is it about Life

A death of thousand dreams

A death of thousand dreamsEach dayeach one of them pushedTo give up on their childhoodTo chase livelihoodTo cater to hungerTo prepare for raceTo achieve gradesTo follow tight schedulesTo carry burdens of expectations Asthose toys lay restsky filled with stars no time to more silly talksno time to see , the dust moving in … Continue reading A death of thousand dreams

Changing Times

gray double bell clock

Its a different world than you have seen Those rules no more work hereThose principles don't fit hereThose typecast definitions have lost valueThose connections have renewed values. Its time you embracea time that is no more the sameIts a different world , a whole new game. In these Changing TimesPositions one holds no more define … Continue reading Changing Times


low angle photo of airplane flying over building

Emptiness A living lie so true to denyLike virtually movingSo plastic it never crinkles. ButA heart that knowsSomething is missingkeeps one pushingthe soul wandering. This empty spaces withinkeeps one remindingof those dreamslong lost in surviving. Nothing can fill the voidall those grandeurcant coverup for the black holeengulfing light.the star of life diminishing from sight. An … Continue reading Emptiness

If …

green tree near green plants

If wishes were fruitsthey would carry seeds for future tree If kindness were leavesthey would serve without a mention doing their bit If love were flowersthey would bloom spreading fragrance in air If endurance were branchesthey would hold together even at the strongest winds If goodness were stemsthey would serve for all thriving If humanity … Continue reading If …

Parenting , Life , Creativity , Social Science – My Journal Posts Archive

Hi friends and readers who have joined me recently these are posts from My Journal If you would like to read my previous posts and content . Hope these posts may interest you . These posts are part of my books too if you would like to check them please visit the homepage.

Writer’s Block

scattered letter blocks

The dreaded monsterI have heard a lot about itBut was sureI was never going to see it. AndIts finally here for me to face it.Its been a while nowI even thought to drop out.There is an urgeMind filled with thoughts.But like something has robbed me of wordsUnable to stitch them together.As if something blocking my … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Stay Happy

Just stay happy For no specific reason Nothing dares to hurt A smiling face That radiates like a moon glowing Only awestruck It reflects in anothers smile Let nothing fade This happiness that rises from within I know there are struggles neverending But just face it with a smile Its already half battle won within. … Continue reading Stay Happy

Walking Between the Lines

low angle photo grayscale of person tightrope walking

Walking between the Lines A part of me hereAnd a part of me thereThen I choose a side.Masking one half of meEmbracing all on the other side. AndAfter sometimeback to the other half.Trying to live thosemissed parts of my time. This keeps on and onSwitching between sides.Its always the other partwanting to take over.As i … Continue reading Walking Between the Lines

An Artist

woman painting outdoors

An Artistis never satisfiedalways wishes for more.Finds strength in admirersAnd critics get quieteras one moves forward.Not interested in others toolsSoul always wandering for a museTo be sketched in creations new.The quest never fulfilledtakes one to far off landsto discover unknown horizons.Wanting to capture all that canSometimes a moment in timeSometimes imagination fine.Never getting too predictive.Never … Continue reading An Artist

No memories

shallow focus of letter paper

What it is to be likewith no memoriesdeliberately vanquishedevery bit of itso that they don't keep haunting.A part of you lost with itIts like the night sky filled with stars but no dreams.Its like a heart beating but with no feelings.Its like an album with your pictures but you are not in.These memories don't just … Continue reading No memories

My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

woman with white earring on ear

We live in a society where conforming to others opinions , thoughts or ways is seen as something really positive or good. This need not be always right just to fit in to the bracket of " goodness" of definition of another we put up with everything and if one doesn't or is very clear … Continue reading My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

Words have great power

sticky notes on board

Words have great power A word here and thereAnd means something else altogetherUsing it just rightwhen you want to make it clearPutting in a waythat doesn't mean to hurt otherGiving it just the right detailsSo that it strikes the centerSome of it woven with your heartSometimes just as a crystal clear thoughtSome backed with facts … Continue reading Words have great power


clay jugs near stone wall of ancient building

Broken I fix those pieces everydayto carry my part of burden.sometimes i go oneven when some of it have fallleni stand up again tallgathering and putting them together.With every dropi carry in my broken piecesI serve my purposei try to mend otherssometimes make them stronger. You cant see those cracksSo carefully fixedI don't let my … Continue reading Broken


grey elephant near green trees

Influence Great achievements, trophies and medals.a proof of your have made a placeworthy of accoladesa point to celebrate. But Your skills have reached true valueAs they reach to influence moreTo help them achieve what you have mastered. The greatest happiness comes fromseeing another find the inspiration in you.Able to share your art and skillsto … Continue reading Influence


Darkness cant be trapped Its in closed rooms it gets darker. Light even as small as candle Has the power to remove darkness. Only that this light be lit from within the darkness To let it know to open the windows For there is more light to let in. Light that comes from within Lets … Continue reading Darkness


calm body of water during golden hour

You cant be meI cant be you The sky is your homeThe ground is my place You can view from heightsI can see in depths You believe for your needsI believe in that works for me For you still have to come to groundto rest your wings.I too have a look up at the skyto … Continue reading Diversity

My Journal 65 . Goodness

sea sunset sunny man

It is not enough to have goodness or practice it , one needs to be aware , learned in all ways to protect ones goodness . It not easy to change people around you or expect them to be good just because you are , that's the reason through various topics i try to speak … Continue reading My Journal 65 . Goodness

My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

Most of the time when people reach from nowhere to somewhere. They take pride and boast about their journey and achievements . Not only that , to show their value and importance they would look down or put down everyone else less or make sure to undermine others value to maintain their importance. That is … Continue reading My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

My Journal 63. Start with a clean slate

chalkboard with brown wooden frame surrounded by red gift boxes

At certain times in our lives when we are the start of something very new or we have to begin all over again , we have to be ready to start with a clean slate. To not to carry burdens of our past wrongs , stern approach , not carry regrets or take the blame … Continue reading My Journal 63. Start with a clean slate

My Journal 62. Brandings

close up of hand holding text over black background

Our generation is very much driven by branding . There is an entire industry that works , researches , analyses and strategize techniques to reach and influence. Goods , services even celebrities are portrayed to us as brands with their unique feature that is made up to focus on human requirements or emotions with catchy … Continue reading My Journal 62. Brandings

Being Me

sea sunset beach vacation

I am doing the dance I can To the music in my mind. Dont ask me why Nor tell me how I just want to do it now. Like I am alone For myself alone. If you are watching Don't waste your time Dance to your tune in your style I wont watch you. You … Continue reading Being Me


blue red and yellow electric wires

I dont feel like writingwith so much chaos around.With challenges on personal ground.So much of confusionA fear of the unknown.No answers to problems blown. I don't know me writingnow does it make a difference.A thought always back of my headWhenever i sit to write. I just write with a hopeIt is to fool my hearteverything … Continue reading Chaos

My Journal 61. Generalized

herd of sheep on farm in dirt near fence

A very common thing followed is bracketing everything or generalizing opinions based on gender , positions , professions , relations, culture , beliefs . Which is very not right, though these are widely accepted and forms part of our back thinking too. There is a kind of following to certain professions , certain characteristics or … Continue reading My Journal 61. Generalized

Why I write

I dont write for information I dont write for knowledge I dont write for advise or counsel All of that is much available on the web I write for connection I write to spark I write to give words to all that around I write seeing for you and me I write because it is … Continue reading Why I write


diya burning on table in darkness

Belief There are timesI am at the end of my wit and strength.I have tried all that from my box of gems.I have put in all till my last drop of breath.I have not much , time a crucial element. After all my efforts, Still when nothing movesNow i know to submit to the One. … Continue reading Belief


person holding yellow black eyed susan flowers in bloom

People make friends for different reasons and choose friends over varied reasons. Some friendship last life long ,some as long as you work along. Some make friends whom they carry along , some make friends they can share all about . Some friends for benefits , some friends mean business . Some friends who never … Continue reading Friends