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Hi friends these are posts from education and practical ways teaching that talk about various topics from early education , challenges , education system , teaching techniques , homeschooling.

Sensory Play

It is important to introduce sensory play through various activities , objects or games around . As it has many advantages and plays an important role in the development of various skills. It is allowing the kids to explore the world around them through various senses like touch , smell , hearing and sight . … Continue reading Sensory Play


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You cant be meI cant be you The sky is your homeThe ground is my place You can view from heightsI can see in depths You believe for your needsI believe in that works for me For you still have to come to groundto rest your wings.I too have a look up at the skyto … Continue reading Diversity

Self Aware Learning

top view photo of girl watching through imac

We all have different strength to learning some are concept based , language based , logical and analytical based and some rely on memorizing. Though in academics most of the performers are from memorizing type. Other styles of learning are not much known which can helps others achieve grades like toppers , unless one learns … Continue reading Self Aware Learning

Pages from My Life Parenting – 17

Children follow your example I have always believed and practised that kids follow us by looking at us, more than what we say to them. Today was a point a realised how important does this mean. I have been following my passion for writing formally through blog and books from last year only through pandemic … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 17

Pages from My Life Parenting – 18

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Riddle Time Hi friends i have been recently writing more on my journal as it was break time for my kids end of academic year . Now its back again to start of new academic year in current times. Only thing they miss is , its become a very formal learning minus all the fun … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 18

You learn

You learn From failures. From others. From observing. From living. From mistakes. From faults. From relations. From betrayals. From critics. From skeptics. From mentors. From books. From life. From lives. Every moment of living, Teaches us many things. Learning to see beyond thats me. Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved

Creative use of boards

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Black boards , writng and doodling boards, easel boards, magnetic boards , diy boards, tracing boards, concept boards , sensory boards etc.. There are lot number of boards and their creative uses than we can think . Easel painting can provide idea how a child is developing emotionally, physically and cognitively. Most of all it is … Continue reading Creative use of boards