Practical ways – 8. Measurements and Comparisons

strawberries and measuring tape

Measurement basics are introduced in grade1 discussion of measurements around us, how we are to use and how it makes things easy to evaluate , estimate , various ways and instruments , measurement system, learning to make comparisons and choices. Yes its too much information to process presented totally from a formal point of view. … Continue reading Practical ways – 8. Measurements and Comparisons

Practical Ways – 7.Picture Comprehension

crop child with opened book

Picture comprehensions or illustrative stories with detailed and clear pictures are great way to enhance learning, communication based on inquiry method. A picture can be used for the child to comprehend details within the picture and also outside the context of the story to cover areas child can speak or write on. There are number … Continue reading Practical Ways – 7.Picture Comprehension

Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build

Vocabulary building is the first step to learning . Children at a very young age tend to have a great grasping power for new words. Also introducing the new words from various topic enhances speaking , recognition and memory at a very young age. These vocabulary could be introduced in daily life real objects or … Continue reading Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build

Entertainment takes toll on Learning

A generation in which the men were mostly learned and earner in the family with women to handle burden of household chores.There was a wide spread craze of cricket in all forms ones that would go for days and ones that would start and end with day. It kept the audience so occupied, hours and … Continue reading Entertainment takes toll on Learning

Difference between Knowledgeable and able to transfer Knowledge

There have been times when we sit through a long lecture , the speaker a well known or established person in the field of topic, not a single point gets through even after it ended. This reminds of a famous dialogue from 3 idiots where Rancho gives a demo lecture to the principal and when … Continue reading Difference between Knowledgeable and able to transfer Knowledge

Proactive learning to Attend school

There was a time children attended school to learn. Nowadays it's the other way around now children learn before attending school. There is a reason for being so proactive. If not previously prepared on topics it makes it impossible for child to keep up with the speed and challenges that come up in regular classes … Continue reading Proactive learning to Attend school