My Journal.73 Herd Mindset

How great achiever or successful or talented one is in their field or life, loses its value if they are remote controlled under the influence of another. To have achieved a position of great value with efforts but not having the freedom to be able to freely think or decide for oneself rendersĀ  the knowledge … Continue reading My Journal.73 Herd Mindset


I am not coming to the circus You are inviting me in. Where ferocious lions jump from rings Where majestic elephants sit on stools Where monkeys swing aimlessly. All trained to follow a stick Being not their original being. I am not accepting the invite To witness and be part of this . There is … Continue reading Circus


Being judgmental : Oh you be aware We have our eyes on you We are checking your every move We will tell you when you dont meet our standards You be wary , alert and nervous You should be bothered how well you stand up to our expectations We are self approved rule makers We … Continue reading Judgmental

My Journal 41. To be a part or not

steel wool amusement park ride

The freedom to do what one wants to , intend to , or choose not to be part of what feels wrong looses it value in the process we decide to be part of these groups , groups that control and influence our choices , decisions or think for us . Unwillingly , silently we … Continue reading My Journal 41. To be a part or not