Practical Ways 18. Sequencing skills

It is necessary to introduce kids to sequencing whether to perform the smallest task , or breaking up a complex task to sequence of activities or taking instructions and following the sequence. These skills are very much used while designing coding through writing algorithms or flowcharts. It can be introduced through various ways either through … Continue reading Practical Ways 18. Sequencing skills

Sensory Play

It is important to introduce sensory play through various activities , objects or games around . As it has many advantages and plays an important role in the development of various skills. It is allowing the kids to explore the world around them through various senses like touch , smell , hearing and sight . … Continue reading Sensory Play

Self Aware Learning

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We all have different strength to learning some are concept based , language based , logical and analytical based and some rely on memorizing. Though in academics most of the performers are from memorizing type. Other styles of learning are not much known which can helps others achieve grades like toppers , unless one learns … Continue reading Self Aware Learning

Multi Sensory Learning

little girl playing with wooden blocks at home

Many a times kids don't learn through a particular style of learning its important to introduce learning through styles that connects better to them . This requires the tutor to understand through insights and from evaluation which learning suits the student better . Every child connects better to a particular style of learning that helps … Continue reading Multi Sensory Learning

Textual Content for Online Learning

from above of ethnic student examining location of constellations on map in library

In online learning using of textual content with direct teacher interaction or using textual content for self study .some of the following points can helps to make content covey the information in a more attentive and attractive and concise manner Use of color schemes , like to highlight important topics or points or heading, differentiate … Continue reading Textual Content for Online Learning

Home Schooling , Home Teaching – How to teach a difficult child blog

mother helping her daughter with homework

In this system of education or when used to support kids by additional tutoring at home , needs lot of preparation and back effort to work for best interest of child with focused attention and working on their weak areas needing more efforts and practice. Being ready with a proper plan based on subjects , … Continue reading Home Schooling , Home Teaching – How to teach a difficult child blog

Practical Ways 16 . – Indirect Questions

teacher asking a question to the class

Indirect questions is a good way of getting response at the same time being polite and showing curiosity. When you want a build a connect , get attention to what you are speaking or give an introductory start to a question. This also brings one as a less confronting trying to make a connection or … Continue reading Practical Ways 16 . – Indirect Questions

Why education matters?

brother and sister with books on their heads

Why education matters in these difficult times , when there are more issues to tackle and problems to address .Education from any system homeschooling or schooling or online or distant or live is important in whichever form one receives it in .Why not receive training in a skill or learn a particular skill and get … Continue reading Why education matters?

Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship

multiethnic students and teacher listening report of student

There have been times to get children to understand or listen we have to talk about or remind them of their teacher . What the teacher would think or say about for a particular situation or problem and then we get a immediate response that's the power of the teacher - child relationship. There are … Continue reading Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship

Pages from My Life Parenting -12

Organized and Build Up methods of learning My daughter just finished her third semester of this year , it went much smoother even with all the challenges we faced at home front and health front . I have always cultivated and followed an organized regular method of learning than adhoc and crash course ones before … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -12

Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

When dealing with young kids and sitting down together to solve activities the most common mistake is unable to see from Childs perspective or use language for the child to understand and solve the activity. Directing them or passing instructions or reading out a question doesn't get the right response or doesn't gets through them … Continue reading Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

Practical Ways – 11. Hand gestures and Vocal Expressions for Learning

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Its important to keep kids attention to what you talk at the same time help the understand and connect to what is being taught .Something that helps very much is giving a pictorial representation or hands on activities to do see themselves .But when you are teaching concepts or language some symbols or hand gestures … Continue reading Practical Ways – 11. Hand gestures and Vocal Expressions for Learning

Child Centered Pedagogy

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This is the term which clearly explains the meaning of How teaching is a customized process for every child. How inclusive education is still a distant goal. How training and resources form the heart of equal education for all. How teaching takes the responsibility irrespective of the different needs of the child. How equal opportunity … Continue reading Child Centered Pedagogy

Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

With changing times complexities and facets of education becoming more inclusive and interdisciplinary and collaborative. There was a time when teaching was " A -apple" as simple as that now they are trained from the start to apply aptitude skills of things being taught with a more practical approach in form of activities beginning right … Continue reading Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning

Learning is a continuous process, some can be early learners , some can be late, there can be different paths to learning the same thing.But what matters the most is attitude, approach , mindset towards learning. Unfortunately the attitude towards learning in early years plays a very important role in creating a mindset for lifetime … Continue reading Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning

Pages from Life Parenting -2

The challenges with current situation and much discussed about online education is the same at my home. No doubt it has kept my child from getting totally cutoff from their school routine and life. But disturbed home routines , mental well being and limited physical activity or exposure is adding to the pressure .Well we … Continue reading Pages from Life Parenting -2

How to deal with all the contents and learning?

Every content can be basically divided into following type 1.Conceptual- mainly deals with introducing concepts ,it's application, theories, rules or grammar.   2.Logical- requires understanding in a flow .Allows linking concepts to the application.                             3.Analytical -  more in depth research on topic , different angles to look for and dealing with various question formats.                                         … Continue reading How to deal with all the contents and learning?