Practical Ways – 5. Begin to Read and More to It

Reading has multiple benefits from improving vocabulary, knowledge, memory, basic reading always helps to enhance our database.improves speaking and writing skills, gives more insight into better ways to explain ones thoughts.helps children improve concentration and focus, as reading requires certain level of attention to keep the flow The earlier children are introduced to reading process … Continue reading Practical Ways – 5. Begin to Read and More to It

The Process not the Point in Progress

Time plays an important aspect when teaching a difficult child: understanding all these aspects helps us to maintain the confidence , patience and perseverance when teaching the child. Time shouldn't be measured in terms of milestones achieved but the process to be used to reach the milestone. Some children may require more efforts to get … Continue reading The Process not the Point in Progress

Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build

Vocabulary building is the first step to learning . Children at a very young age tend to have a great grasping power for new words. Also introducing the new words from various topic enhances speaking , recognition and memory at a very young age. These vocabulary could be introduced in daily life real objects or … Continue reading Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build