Words matter

Words matter No matter From whom But they matter. Those words To make you feel better To make you realise your hidden power To keep a promise forever To call its over To stop the pressure To define clear measures To raise what bothers. To make you wiser. To hold you together. Those words matter … Continue reading Words matter


The ease with which the river flows Making its  path on its own The ease with which smile connects Requires no translation The ease with which a child imagines With no limitations. The ease with which a mother loves Witout any expectation. The ease with which thoughts flow From a poets pen Without any inhibition.

Creative expressions

When you enjoy that you do When your soul lost Not knowing where you belong Not knowing who is watching you . You become one with your expression So much that the art and artist are in one A unique creation with the amalgamation of self The spectator amazed to see such beauty never seen … Continue reading Creative expressions

My Journal.73 Herd Mindset

How great achiever or successful or talented one is in their field or life, loses its value if they are remote controlled under the influence of another. To have achieved a position of great value with efforts but not having the freedom to be able to freely think or decide for oneself rendersĀ  the knowledge … Continue reading My Journal.73 Herd Mindset

My Journal 70. Creative expressions

creative sculpture representing female face located on sunny street

A few days before i shared a post on my Fb wall of contemporary sculpture artist, it was an amazing collection of creativity .Where a complex sculpture structure was very simply beautifully , artistically achieved with using plain structure of rods and physics that gave it a feel of moving sculpture adding life to space … Continue reading My Journal 70. Creative expressions