Bonds that break

Bonds that can break over a single disaggrement Bonds that last only till an aggrement Bonds that are quick at judgment Bonds that lack empathy for the other Bonds with pre conceived notions Bonds with stubborn requirements Bonds with expectations. Bonds with doubt and distraught. Bonds that dont forgive , accept and heal Bonds that … Continue reading Bonds that break

A Broken Wish

There is one, this little wish, You wished for , all your life. From the time you gained senses. You kept following it just right. That small little wish, That was your life. And one day to realise, It is never to be. Now leaves a crater never to be filled. All the trophies , … Continue reading A Broken Wish

My Journal 48. Forget to keep going

You know the difficult part of being human and complexities involving relations is our inability to be able to erase or forget our memories just like that. Yes with a continuous effort , strong will , ignoring , focusing on other areas of life and training our mind to so it sometimes becomes possible though … Continue reading My Journal 48. Forget to keep going