Sudden upsurge in Educational Content Online due to COVID-19

We have always relied on online kids content available for toddlers and babies or preschoolers. But there is a sudden wave of a kind of educational content online recently following lockdown and its effect . These content follow a similar trend very common in Indian education system sticking to the education syllabus class and subject oriented. Before we had our educational system schools pressurizing our kids what they needed to do or know age wise now these contents add to it by making you aware what your child is lagging behind.

We already have our challenges in lockdown related to our economy , house chores and facilities not in place. The good part of these contents is transparency and easy availability and knowledge enhancing related to what education of our children should actually encompass according to our education system. The bad part in current scenario these contents shouldn’t add to the burden that our children are sharing with us during lockdown.

Just because we have enough time and content now become available in mass , we don’t need to get to task of grilling our children. Its time to prepare our children for even more varied learning not knowing what possibilities future will hold after this pandemic.

There are various kinds of contents some very specific to book contents based on syllabus of boards like CBSE, some giving ideas of worksheets to be done at various age level (no less than aptitude) based on recent trends .

But there are more kinds of contents that still do the task in a more easy way . There are creative contents , videos using scenarios , props or songs, stories to get the same concept cleared in a more child friendly way(blippi, busy beaver, maple leaf learning , elf kids , myfairy tales, peppa pig). Yes these contents do vary depending on the education culture of the country and in accent . But displaying the same type of content and very much study oriented will get children off it. Its time we give our children more practical and global view of education at least in contents if not in our educational system.

Some steps can help you decide and use content best for your kids.

First know your childs pros and cons well . Subjects he lags in , his interest , his attention span and other areas of interest excluding studies.

Second work on basic concepts in most simplest and basic ways, preferably in a language by you that child understands best

Then use very selected content on basis of clarity , detailing , not to mention the length of the media based on his level of understanding of the subject. Don’t jump into higher details of topics just because syllabus mentions so.

Only after these present the child with so called activity sheets available in contents online . To make him more smarter to understand various direction to same topic.

Skipping to the last step and expecting to understand various question of a topic , basic of which is still not very clear to the child can lead to confusions and lower the self confidence.

Dont panic about the details of topics shared online based on syllabus. Once your child gets the basic right , its the same topics through preschool to primary with more detailing added every time. The way to answer different aptitude kind or logical question becomes easier once the basic concept is taught. Even if a child develops skill to answer these questions later than his peers it doesn’t matter as there is kind of pattern to these questions have and children at that age are very clever at mapping questions to answers even if they don’t know what it means or how it is to be done.

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