Parental Woes – Short story 3.The Flashback Episodes

The child now in final years close to finishing school. Its time for new session and the same drill a circular from school to purchase new lot of books , uniforms , shoes and bag.

The child waits for the captain to arrive, he is the one who clears and passes budget every year.The father is back home , does his chores and stretches to relax. The child now finds the time right and gives the circular.The father gives it a scan and begins the flashback episodes of his childhood education struggles.By now the child is familiar with all details as it’s been a common routine over the years.

The father begins his narration how he used to walk miles sometimes barefoot to get to school.The child thinks to himself either school might have been fun or learning interesting to have taken such tedious task everyday, also I would have dozed off after the trek to school.

Then father tells how insignificant the role of uniform , shoes and some times even books were with so many siblings and only one breadwinner to support all.Then the child again thinks I get that I can’t tolerate or share with one sibling of mine,but I don’t think my school will adjust to uniform,books and shoes they don’t ignore a strand of hair longer.

The father gets to the point and says how irresponsible the child has been to not utilize the benefits his parents have given him to achieve best education.

Now the child speaks to dad in his Mind as he has No courage to contradict or question that’s said “no doubt you worked hard to get educated and have given me the best of resources.”

“But I just hoped for one thing you would understand the challenges of education of our generation are different than yours.The edge competition, all inclusive education system, over pouring strength in our class, challenges with technology and finally whats remaining of our environment all this add to our burden on mind and health. I wish if you could have helped through all that just like you had all the benefits in place to help me achieve the best in education.”

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