Parental Woes – Short story 2.The Relocation

Parental Woes – Short story 2.The Relocation

The father a mid level in IT was still finding a direction to make a good career in the path he chose. He saw it coming or may be one of his wrong decisions to leave his previous organization for a better learning Really! His current location no longer needed his service or better option go to another location where they will fill him. He realized the mistakes he made in decision but now it was time for action not much to think.

Whatever the reason be his 5year old daughter already fighting her way to normalcy with her speech , attention and learning issues. Her mother had already put her best to get child at least get accepted into normal education system . The child started to show tremendous improvements shocking that even such a child could even attend school, she didn’t stop here she even excelled at academics all to her mothers special ways of training. Though there was now a long journey to achieve common grounds in all aspects with her peers.

But now all that felt small as it was about the job , the finance and no other backdrop to fall upon , the toughest decision to get going was taken without a second thought. Obviously the child was going to accompany her father as she had more emotional issues too ,which could worsen absent the father from house.

The child had no idea what her parents were up to even till all the packing and movement was done. It was only when she reached the airport the child realized she was out of her comfort zone then began her first episode of tantrums and crying. Parents used all that to console her as there was no U turn now. They would buy everything every now and then to control emotional outburst. The father was drained of finance and mother of energy in the entire journey.

Once the child landed to the new place she behaved as if she was just out of a space journey many light years away from home, craving to get back. But it wasn’t over now , they were to move to hotel for stay and packages yet to arrive and much to settle.Well all that was not enough parents were having tough time getting the child to accept her house is going to be back soon in place.

Then another challenge began as the child steped to the world outside . People with different culture , tone , language everything from the roads, to shops to malls looked unrelatable. She didn’t know even what to ask for . The food too had changed she couldn’t even find something to suit her taste.

Parents maintained their calm hoping once the house setup is in place the child will feel home again. But the house still didn’t do the magic. The child was treated alien everywhere for what she spoke and behaved not only by children in parks or schools even grownups around. She looked out of place was more bubbly, bursting with energy, eager to explore and excited to learn the new .

The place where she landed was a bit different slow and calm culture, easy going. The weather added to the challenge hailing from humid weather she wore least of clothes and now she had to be clad in clothes equal to her weight all the time. Her body was fighting the weather , her mind the people. There she was back to zero. There was only one hope of learning for the child that was her mother as everything was back again to “A” which already had a late start for her .

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