Parental Woes – Short story 1.Hometown vacation

1.Hometown vacation

Its summer time and vacations are here. Months before destination and date booked for this time of the year as always .But this time the child hopes to do something different of his time. He knows he doesn’t have much say about how he is to spend his vacation. But he is growing and he sees his friends do dance , drama, computers, guitar , music all that doesn’t get much time around the year. The routine and syllabus has everything tied up year round.

He plucks up the courage to stand to speak for himself . He says he wants to skip the summer trip this time as he has some other things in mind to do. There comes the reaction to his words as if he is a rebel and conversations changes more into situation as if bombed .They get together to tell him how on earth its the most important thing of life to get together with all in hometown and shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Amid this he is lost thinking about the same things he does every year going to his hometown the same chit chats of elderly , the same common games among young ones, the same strolls to market or around the village roads for grown ups. Nobody discussing about their challenges or dreams or even to guide me. Its better not to discuss even these things unless you want left out or feel alien among them and its better to blend in.

The father is in no mood for discussion and the child finally decides to succumb to the situation. Even if that costs his valued time to be spent at fulfilling their wishes. After that never he makes an attempt to even bring up this again and so continues more years of summers vacations happily.

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