New Parental Challenges with Covid-19

New Parental Challenges with Covid-19

Already being a parent has its challenges to undertake but with COVID-19 and followed lockdown the life of parenting has turned upside down for many. In normal life before, if both parents were working all requirements heeded for the child were very well in place. The time table for the day of the child was managed , his social circle time , outings , learning , food cravings everything was fixed and executed accordingly.

Now the challenge for the parents doubled as all these were very well handled through other sources and now they have become one focal point for providing all to their child in a restricted environment .In some cases it becomes even more complicated where the duties like teaching or cooking for the child which is a very basic requirement was met through maids and tuitions. Parents had their troubles of earning and keeping up and had facilities in place to cope up. Now suddenly it becomes a challenge to jump to these undiscovered areas as need for the hour.

It becomes inevitable parents who worked as individual units to come together and keep toggling duties or positions they can handle better for the child. As adults we are equipped to adjust or divert our minds away, but children need some areas to be addressed every day like learning and food for their mind and play.

Learning content online has suddenly boosted that can always come handy. Have some cycle to give food the child he craves so that he can be calm. We have best cooks videos uploading rapidly although check the reviews before preparing . Last is playtime which does not includes games on mobile, some activity game across home for kids age wise eg. playing island and water with pillows , treasure hunt objects in home, floor is lava with colorful papers. You can think or search of many games that can be played with basic objects at home rather than traditional monopoly, scrabble, chess, carrom or ludo.

Parents too are going through really tough times taking care of their new roles added to work from home challenges .Take a little time to calm and write a list of play activities , work distributed between both the parents and easy to do recipes of food for cravings can help you deal with the situation for time being. Rest is a process to which the child and parents both will adapt.

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