Learning Trivial Affairs – Short story 2. Beloved Teacher of All

Learning Trivial Affairs - Short story 2. Beloved Teacher of All

2. Beloved Teacher of All

The mother is more traumatized than the child. Its the childs first day at her small school.And there stands a smiling teacher with welcoming hands. The child goes inside and has all her tantrums thrown to get her out of that place. Yet everybody sticks to the routine and same continues for days. The child too calms down.

As days go by mother is confused to see the child somedays overly irritated and exhibiting violent tantrums. She tries to find but the child is in no mood to give words. Then one day at play casually the child says teacher is strict at school the reason is not of much importance to child or not even known.

The mother decided to ask the teacher and not bother the child more. The teacher was beloved of all a sweet smiling face and sweet talks. The mother goes to meet her and she hears a child behind the teacher out of place and this beloved teacher of all gets into a different tone in action and in no time the child just falls in place.

The mother sought the answer she went to look for and was sure about a decision best for her child without any further discussion.

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