Learning Trivial Affairs – Short story 1. Back Home

Learning Trivial Affairs - Short story 1. Back Home

1.Back Home:

A day at school same as every day. A struggle to hide behind the heads to skip the teachers eyes. Finding ways to shy away from the study that never gets past the ears to brain.A blast with friends to remind its still fun coming back. Lunch the best part for sometime he is back to being himself.

Its home again and the monsters called homework haunt. Mother as usual busy in chores , limits her to the daily routine and feeding, she has her time tightly scheduled and other areas to cater. And its time the captain arrives.The child hopes now the father will help save him from the monster haunting , so engrossed in those black and white making no sense to him.

Tired from days work and done with, the father has already decided to ease now, when the child approaches to get help. There it goes again , father explains him more than once and nothing gets into his head. The Child is deemed stupid to not understand something so simple. All confused the child gets back to play hoping there is still another day he will make it .

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