How to make Learning a continuous Process, Never a crash course for kids

How to make Learning a continuous Process

Its important to develop a continuous learning pattern among children. But the challenges lies in getting the child to get to study everyday. There is a way out by including study as a part of daily routine that does not require the child to get specially prepared for study time. Also haven taken into consideration parents wont be available to sit personally all times.

The main key in getting this done are two main points: Different times of the day , where in child can accommodate study without much fuss. The content, material or subject that could be conducted as study.

Lets get into both the points and how to get it done.

First start with segregating contents of different subjects . Mainly divide topics into different types logical, listen and repeat, reading, keywords to byheart, question solving , revision content.

Next depending on the time of the day of your child and his energy and mood to get into study, you can decide which type (types mentioned above) of content can be easily given to the child. for eg: If your child is fresh and woke from sleep give him a logical content to learn. If your child is towards the end of the day exhausted but has much time you can give him keywords to byheart. Also there are times you cannot attend to your child let him do content that don’t require you such as listen and repeat or read or revise.

Finally always have a check list for regular revision weekly or twice in a week.

Learning needs to be a continuous process both for health and mental well being of the child.Trying to force the subject just before exams and pressurizing can lead to devastating results on the mind. As parent we need to manage our time , best use of the Childs time and moods with a content that best suits interest .

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