Inculcating Self Study among children

With trend and generation of classes , tutoring and mentoring children have access to quick , easy and ready-made contents for learning. This approach to learning for preparation and results has made the generation very much dependent on ready external sources of study.

The advantage of this type of learning is less amount of efforts to achieve the desired results, but it does have a long term side effect on child skill development for future.Children don’t have to put in efforts of reading through books, researching on contents or preparing their notes.

This has led to setback in developing self study and learning based on understanding the details.Being heavily dependent on contents made or provided leads to problem in major areas of development which cause hindrance in future learning and professional fields later.

The children exposed to classes and tutoring become very dull and unequipped when it comes to self study which requires certain amount of skills and understanding developed being part of the process. How to put in research for content, how to segregate content, how to categorize and organize the content, how to look in for different angles to same content, how to make self prepared notes. These skills play a major role in professional skill development and later stages of learning.

The skills required for self study should be inculcated at very young age by making them part of the process of studying. Whenever you prepare notes or make activities for them , research on a topic or read through between the texts let the children be part of it. This helps the child to understand there is more to learning than just mug up contents at hand.

This habit of making them part of process of learning makes them independent learners with time which is very essential in developing skills in research and content handling important in every proffesion.

Last don’t expect them to fully independent at a very early age as every child has different level of understanding but guiding them through the process of self study makes them independent learners at later stages of life.

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