Don’t raise them to be just Good , Make them Worldly Wise

A saying describes this best “If you expect the world to be fair because you are fair , you are fooling yourself. Thats like expecting a lion not to eat you because you didnt eat him”.

Current times and increasing challenges on ones emotional strength, change our roles to just make them to do and be good . Let them be prepared for what the future is like . It will make it easier to face or accept rather than being ignorant of a world that exists and is real.

Its time we nurture values in the young generation but it would be incomplete without worldly knowledge of their time so they stand strong and equal chance in all odds Let them know and discuss about everything happening around without any reserve.

Teach them about respecting elders but also to protect own personal space and self respect.

Teach them about being polite and tolerant but also to stand strong in adversity and times that demand courage.

Teach them to get along but also to preserve ones individuality and not succumb to peer pressure.

Teach them to share and care but fiercely guard that is solely individual.

Teach them to help others but also to stand alone no matter who decides to stand with them in tough times.

Its inevitable to prepare them for challenges that future may hold and not bias their opinion solely on good thinking. This makes parenting even more difficult as the line drawn between making them smart and good , will have its effect on parents too. Its time to keep all channels of communication open to them so if need arise they don’t hold back thinking it can bring embarrassment or is considered insignificant to discuss.

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