Covid 19 Online Learning and Virtual classrooms , ways to make it more successful.

Here we wont be dealing with technical backbone required like the internet and mobile device for the online learning . If there are some steps taken at both school and home level we can make the virtual classrooms really successful.

We need to understand the basic difference in online class where there is no direct eye contact with the teacher and individual student, also taking of instructions and answering tend to collide. Teacher wont be able to track every child as lecture proceeds. Missing tools like blackboard , projectors and teachers presence with pointed learning.

Now the challenge for teachers is to make the topic so well organized in a flow because of the lack of tools and unavailability to monitor children simultaneously. The best teachers can do is use a pointer to content while reading or showing for the child to keep track . Have all briefing and meanings explained before beginning with the topic. Ask the children in short intervals if the topic has been cleared. Always have audio content backed by something visible if due to any reason child skips listening audio.

But , the main preparation for the online learning comes from parent side, otherwise it will be a total failure. Have a briefing given to the child about the topic and words that the child may come across during the lecture. Do this every time before any lecture. This will help the child easily connect to the content or topic and motivate listening. Tell the child not to panic if he was not able to keep up with pace you can assure him you have the details of lecture or recording and play it again later. if possible give a written outline and list of keywords or spelling beforehand to complete the work during ongoing lecture.

We all need to get together in this new normal and help our children with their challenges too.

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