A heart to connect to

multicolored socks drying on rope with clothespins in garden

Rushing through choresThe same routine everyday. The in and out so familiarWorks like a background score. Though at times its different Someimes pushing hardSometimes drawing short pathsSometimes late than the fixed slotSometimes learning to keep up with the lot Then to find timefor others to attend to. When all go to rest in the nestShe … Continue reading A heart to connect to

Shadows of Art

tender female in violet illumination

Anger , jealousy , revenge , resentmentShadows your true self. When you are engrossed in these thoughtsyour art reflects themMore than your soul. These are shadows that blind your thoughtsSo much filled with anothersyour work and life reflects the other. Once shadowed you are no more yourselfAll your energy depeleted criticising the other self. Its … Continue reading Shadows of Art

What feeds your soul

woman in white and blue floral shirt wearing brown straw hat

If its jealousyyour grass will always be less green. If its revengeyou will never have time to grow. If its competitionyou will always need compliments and trophies. If its intoleranceyou will never be at peace. If its greedyour glass will always be empty. What if its empathyyou will be more human. What if its self … Continue reading What feeds your soul

Are Both Right?

person standing on black floor

Teaching tolerance or Not to tolerate that is unacceptable. Punishing the culprits or Sharing the responsibility to bring in change. Parenting takes responsibility of child development or the Child living up to the expectations. Femininsm and equality or Feminine yet equal. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder or Beauty as an art to boost … Continue reading Are Both Right?

Freedom to fly

anonymous person pointing finger at bird

A bird trains its chick to fly , But never asks it to return As it has a journey to strive. Then Why do we bind them and have them burden expectations Why do we tell them they are free yet they have a limited sky Its in our duty to care to teach them … Continue reading Freedom to fly


flight landscape nature sky

Differences don't prove you are right And I am wrong It don't mean somebody is lesser And the other is superior It just means you have travelled where I haven't been And I have seen where you haven't been Differences are what make us believe and question Beyond what is already known Because a lifetime … Continue reading Differences

The Silence in Classrooms

man performing on stage

The silence in classrooms mean more than they seem for some its fear of not knowingfor some fear they will be questioned the unknownfor some its rule to obey to avoid being punishedfor some its actually listening while others are pretending Silence in classrooms should come from listening , looking and learning ,connecting to something … Continue reading The Silence in Classrooms

Rules for Everything

person standing on road

Books with RulesRuler to draw Rules for a lineRules when at ease Follow rules to writeFollow rules to speak Rules when to queryRules when to mingle And then they sayYou arefree to imaginefree to makefree to think All my time is ruled all timeRule out those rulesSet the spirt free Rules only train me to … Continue reading Rules for Everything

Memories of a Classroom – difficult child

man sitting on cliff

Memories of a Classroom - difficult child .... Though I look not one of uNor share stage with any of youDoesn't mean I don't be with you.I see u all closely as u pass around the doorI see how u gather  with others of Ur feather.So what if I didn't match withDoesn't mean I don't … Continue reading Memories of a Classroom – difficult child

Change Takes Time

Change Takes Time Give it timeLet it take courseDont rush them with lureBcos if its instantIt wont hang around for long.Let them think ,see it workGive them time to make progress.Sometimes it will be a straight roadSome will take turns,Lanes unknown to return to correct one.Some cant handle itthey think they r without flawsIts ok … Continue reading Change Takes Time

Being a parent..

Being a parent..Everytime u are happy u wish ur child is more happierEverytime u sit to eat u wish ur children are more fullEverytime u face difficulty u wish ur child is never aloneEverytime u achieve u hope ur child achieves greaterEverytime there is an obstacle u wish u were to face it first...It never … Continue reading Being a parent..

Thanks to Teachers

A thanks to the teachers for seeing in me what I never knew.To those teachers who believed in me when I was not sure.To all those teachers who stood by me in my most difficult times.To them who gave me the courage to chase my dreams despite all odds.My words may never reach you , … Continue reading Thanks to Teachers

The Average Child

I am least bothered about the race,I am just being the best of myselfLet me take my courseI am in no hurry to make it to boxWill take turns and learn from my mistakesI have no interest in what others rideI am happy being myselfI dont want to please othersNor bothered with numbers on my … Continue reading The Average Child