Thankyou 😊🎊

Thankyou friends and readers helping me reach 500 in WordPress and 1000 in all platforms. I will keep doing what I do best and try for better every time. My focus will always be to express than impress , to connect rather than perfect , spread positivity through words and solutions. Thank you for being with … Continue reading Thankyou 😊🎊

How To Teach a difficult child – Podcast

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Hi friends you can listen to all my blog posts here at podcasts now .There are various topics from parenting , self help ,reflection , self development, society and relations . Also some poems from my blog. Also available on google podcasts : How to teach a difficult child

Thanks post to readers

Dear readers , blogger friends , parents I am thankful and greatful to you to have reached 200 followers in WP and 200 followers in other social platform , but most of all accepting me and helping me grow as part of this community. I have been writing about education , parenting , life, family, … Continue reading Thanks post to readers