Practical Ways- 4.Concept Map

One thing that makes study easy to understand and remember through all years of education is a concept map. Wether you are studying through single source (textbook) or multiple sources this helps you summarize and highlight the topic and details , their relation , the differences all easily viewable at a glance. It is important … Continue reading Practical Ways- 4.Concept Map

Practical Ways – 3.Introducing Numbers.

This is the toughest part as this will decide how the child will relate to this subject Maths through the school years. Introducing numbers begins with just reading and recogninsing them in the order( sometimes just as repeat and learn poem) but doesn't stop there, that's when all facets to this basic numbers the child … Continue reading Practical Ways – 3.Introducing Numbers.

Practical Ways – 2.Begin Writing

The process to begin teaching writing involves in systematic manner introducing them to be able to make lines and curves and accordingly lead them to writing the number and alphabets. Teaching writing in sequential manner becomes difficult as the pattern to write letter each is different and doesn't follow flow. begin with basic standing and … Continue reading Practical Ways – 2.Begin Writing

Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build

Vocabulary building is the first step to learning . Children at a very young age tend to have a great grasping power for new words. Also introducing the new words from various topic enhances speaking , recognition and memory at a very young age. These vocabulary could be introduced in daily life real objects or … Continue reading Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build