Apples sour or sweet?

Are the apples sour or sweet He looks up with a smile And speaks with confidence Sweetest in the street. And she takes it for his words They seem very true To have come straight from him With the weight in his words Its hard to believe the other way. She pays the price He … Continue reading Apples sour or sweet?


selective focus photography of die cast model toy cars

her eyes lit up that toy helped her forget all that ached. to see her dreams filled in owning that precious thing reminded me how we keep playing with our minds. every time we own a toy our hearts jump with joy and when we outgrow it then it lies with others in the stack. … Continue reading Toys

Grew apart

Sometimes these distances grows so long. We stopped wishing each other in those routine pass. We didn't stop to ask each other about. Now it seems like a long journey To get back to you and start again Like we are unknown again. I wish one of us had tried not letting it build so … Continue reading Grew apart

Words powerful

She looked at me with tears in the brim Her pain radiating  through her anguish I know i had push her to make through this. And then I spoke, to help her rise A word to remind and  believe in the strength within Not giving up in the face and sinking in Using the power … Continue reading Words powerful

Down the lane

I kept walking down the lane Turning pages of time frame. I have seen me been through all Those autumns that shed my leaves . Those volcanos that devasted and dislocated me. Those famines testing extremes. Those floods washing away all and then to rebuild. Those earthquakes that shook me within. And then the evolution … Continue reading Down the lane

She had a dream

Have you seen dreams shatter They are very painful clutter. She had a dream At a hands reach Still she couldn't touch it. All thats inside her Just wanted that one thing. She gathered All the pieces But was not allowed to put it together. She knew thats what made her complete And still she … Continue reading She had a dream

As a little child

(Warning this is a sensitive content) As a little child You were my only world, The only shield to protect from the outer world. I knew you by my side Nothing dared to even look at me with evil eyes. And then in the most shocking moment That broke away my reality You revealed your … Continue reading As a little child

Holding on

I held onto you for really long Putting up with everything I never was Just to keep all of this going In the process hated all that I was becoming Something inside kept revolting And then after a time it stopped speaking. I wanted to wait till you would become All that I wished for … Continue reading Holding on

Cuteness overload

She looked into my eyes with a sparkle held my hand with a warm feather touch hugged me at times tried clinging to my arm With her cuteness overload she asked me Aren't we going to be the  best friends forever In her sweet little voice. And I lied to her  with a big smile … Continue reading Cuteness overload


I waited really long for you Even stood beside you To see your perspective To be a part of it I held you through all of it. Now waiting for you To help me fix. But, You are gone ,now on your own You have found your newly made self You are eager to explore … Continue reading Complete

Have times changed?

unrecognizable ballerina silhouette jumping with raised arms

Are we still judged the same or times have changed. She wanted to make a place for herself and ventured where her creativity guided. She joined the wagon making connections with the same interests, in the journey to exchange and grow . But some turned out to be a shock a reminder its still the … Continue reading Have times changed?