Creative use of boards

white and brown floral board

Black boards , writng and doodling boards, easel boards, magnetic boards , diy boards, tracing boards, concept boards , sensory boards etc.. There are lot number of boards and their creative uses than we can think . Easel painting can provide idea how a child is developing emotionally, physically and cognitively. Most of all it is … Continue reading Creative use of boards

Facing Negative emotions

collage photo of woman

As mindful parents we will have to be conscious about our actions , how we react , speak to our kids,check on our selves and our emotions and make sure our actions dont pust them to wrong side of thinking. Helping kids face and deal negative emotions from young age rather than ignoring negative side … Continue reading Facing Negative emotions

Reverse Theory

Many a times we profess or have been advised , you feel good n good things will happen to you, you stay positive n you will attract positivity, you believe in something n that gives power to manifest. It looks like a reverse theory which actually works. Actually there is also reversal theory in psychology … Continue reading Reverse Theory

Pages from My Life Parenting -9

water color palette on white case

With children around its always going to be messy In current scenario with growing burden of chores and no help, as well as all round the clock catering to children - studies , activities , play , bonding as much as i can do to keep them away from screen time. And never ending kitchen … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -9

Listen to your kids

mother and children on a sofa

We are always in a mood to teach , train or pass instructions or judgments. It is very necessary to take out time just to listen to them. No doubt all we do is out of care and concern but its also a relation like any other relation and we need to build it giving … Continue reading Listen to your kids

Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

Bullying is a silent killer which breaks more than mind , strength and courage of the victim to fight back also it has its effect long after those episodes are over in life. The only way is to tackle them to avoid carrying the burden always. But its not easy as said there are various … Continue reading Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

Reflections 6. – Don’t raise them to be just Good , Make them Worldly Wise

A saying describes this best “If you expect the world to be fair because you are fair , you are fooling yourself. Thats like expecting a lion not to eat you because you didnt eat him”. Current times and increasing challenges on ones emotional strength, change our roles to just make them to do and … Continue reading Reflections 6. – Don’t raise them to be just Good , Make them Worldly Wise

Reflections 4. – Parenting challenges at Different Ages

art artistic beautiful bloom

Many a times as parents confronted with difficult situation with child at various ages of development, we have come to terms with other facets of development too. We would try to find factors beyond our control to have influenced the child The child wasn't so before, was bright or excelled in academics or sports or … Continue reading Reflections 4. – Parenting challenges at Different Ages

Making Play a medium to Learn

depth of field photography of p l a y wooden letter decors on top of beige wooden surface

With pandemic a very important commodity added to essential goods for a family are toys and lots of play time at home (not including gaming and screen time) . Not much before did toys have that much of importance due to all other options available like parks , beaches , malls , friends. But now … Continue reading Making Play a medium to Learn

Building values through talk

In this age where everybody in every corner of the house is engrossed in their own devices, lets see and find time for talk to do wonders. Anything for a second that drives your attention from the screen seems a irritation.Aren't talks after all the heart of every relation. Just don't be critical competitive and … Continue reading Building values through talk

Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared

female student suffering from headache in library

As parents and tutors in home schooling or teaching , that is problematic for a child is teaching unprepared , unorganised or without any back preparation. This process of unorganized teaching becomes more of learning and research with teaching at the same time from tutor side , whereas for the student the flow of teaching … Continue reading Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared

The Process not the Point in Progress

Time plays an important aspect when teaching a difficult child: understanding all these aspects helps us to maintain the confidence , patience and perseverance when teaching the child. Time shouldn't be measured in terms of milestones achieved but the process to be used to reach the milestone. Some children may require more efforts to get … Continue reading The Process not the Point in Progress

Life skills a much needed learning

A time before when discipline and moral values were alone given importance in building a childs life along with education. With changing times and challenges around , a better approach without the stricter parenting for ensuring discipline and moral values and yet imbibing all qualities needed to lead a sucessful and independent life in all … Continue reading Life skills a much needed learning

Experience in Real Life is the best learning

Today we have a number of Activities , Montessori toys, pretend play toys , STEM based project learning , DIY project based learning for subjects and ELA to develop learning in a more practical and interesting way. All this come very handy to develop various skills and knowledge in children from various ages with hands … Continue reading Experience in Real Life is the best learning

Price of Evolution and Share in Failures

Are we able to give the younger generation a better place to live in with health challenges due to pandemic and lifestyle, environmental challenges due to concrete jungles, challenges in system (increasing corruption, nepotism,intolerance , increasing crimes on women and children, economy), challenges with technology - limited interaction and lack of human touch. The answer … Continue reading Price of Evolution and Share in Failures

Women and Education

The advantage or plus point of an educated women in the family is always weighed in terms of additional source of financial stability. Well cant blame the narrow thinking or lack of understanding of the innumerable ways an educated women is the most important asset in a family. Why an educated women can prove her … Continue reading Women and Education

Reflective Thinking a must in parenting

None of us are perfect and that's the key to improvement or change. Some are really good at some parts of life that they developed or skilled over the years. But still no one is completely right 100% when it comes to parenting. There is a need to accept changes in self and look for … Continue reading Reflective Thinking a must in parenting

Inculcating Self Study among children

With trend and generation of classes , tutoring and mentoring children have access to quick , easy and ready-made contents for learning. This approach to learning for preparation and results has made the generation very much dependent on ready external sources of study. The advantage of this type of learning is less amount of efforts … Continue reading Inculcating Self Study among children

Entertainment takes toll on Learning

A generation in which the men were mostly learned and earner in the family with women to handle burden of household chores.There was a wide spread craze of cricket in all forms ones that would go for days and ones that would start and end with day. It kept the audience so occupied, hours and … Continue reading Entertainment takes toll on Learning