Poem – Assurance

gold pen on journal book

Hi friends thanks and congratulation's to team INNSAEI journal . My poem published in their current issue pls check page 81 in poetry section. https://innsaeijournal.co.in/current-issue/?fbclid=IwAR1CMT4dOC9hQngUGdTgZxtN8VY1rrqLq-FCR4fYs-BN5saOF7jCL8aYAZE https://innsaeijournal.co.in/announcement/?fbclid=IwAR2wCFgLfLdn8PpmZdHNqYw9MVT0QtR9TvUxCplar0uilT48zTcLKVl6oIE

Poem – I wish I had a magic wand

Hi friends this is my first poem published in a journal since I began writing officaily last year. It has been published in the INNSAEI journal. I hope to write more for many journals in coming time , wish me luck and positivity to expand beyond my blog as I want my words to touch … Continue reading Poem – I wish I had a magic wand