Reblogs -The “Last Edition” … The Weekly Newspaper #23 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January16th, 2021

Thanks for the mention and all you efforts . Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | The “Last Edition”. This week’s edition of The Kindest Revolution Weekly is the last — we’re closing the doors this afternoon, but you’ll still be able to access the archives! Today’s edition is a roundup of hope, and I’ve found … Continue reading Reblogs -The “Last Edition” … The Weekly Newspaper #23 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January16th, 2021

What it takes to win

black and white sport fight boxer

To winYou need to be skilledYou need to trainYou need think out of the binYou should be able to strike a deal More than thatYou need enduranceTo take the blows when your time is down in the ringYou need resilienceA hope and strength you will rise again after itYou need humilityTo keep you grounded even … Continue reading What it takes to win

My Journal 4. The eagle and the crow

silhouette of bird flying

From my younger days I have been more of spiritual person .At that time when many of them at my age were discovering life i was questioning life and reason with my greatest teacher "google and soul searching" . I started to read about many practices to text to religions around the world , their … Continue reading My Journal 4. The eagle and the crow

Big Skills 5. – Empathy

Empathy is able to see beyond self , understanding the position another is in by seeing ourself in their place.This is to able feel their condition , giving the right response and helping them feel better in the process. This is just not for others having empathy benefits self in many ways .Empathy allows a … Continue reading Big Skills 5. – Empathy

My Journal 3. The Lamppost

It is always late bed time for me with finishing all the left work , to putting kids to sleep and then some time out for myself. During this hour of night when i look out of my window which is at a higher floor , i see the lamp post the one with the … Continue reading My Journal 3. The Lamppost

Pages from My Life Parenting -11

Its third semester exam time of ongoing year, for my elder daughter in such times with online learning.She missed a lot too this time with challenges at health front .But we covered up slowly in a planned and calm manner.There is still much to do before the day .We are taking one topic a day … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -11

A Boasting King

black chalkboard with medical mask

The self declared king ,In his palace of dreams.Treating his subjects ,like his slaves.As they bow downto attend his meeeting.His power at peakOnly In his courtrooms.Where he puts up a showof his stupidityand vain ego. They praise him,Fear his wrath,Put up an act,For his tyranny,A self made story. The boasting kingSits in his throne,never to … Continue reading A Boasting King

Pulling Another Down

Pulling Down Another If that makes you feel superior If that retains your power If that defines your position If that certifies your talent Well go ahead, Pulling another down Is just to mask your insecurities Is To cover up for your weakness Is the lack of self belief Is to thrive on others failure … Continue reading Pulling Another Down

My Journal 2. Routine

One problem being a homemaker is getting bored of the same routine and tasks that too in a continuous manner without any change or breaks . It becomes such a routine after sometime even when your mind is occupied , still a part of brain easily controls your movements to keep the work going .These … Continue reading My Journal 2. Routine

My Journal 1. The Kite

man wearing blue shirt flying kite

"My Journal" i will write about those small little things that cross my attention during different times of the day . That keep me engaged and pondering when i am on my own or with my daily chores .These small things help me connect to some great lessons or connect to life in some way.These … Continue reading My Journal 1. The Kite

She knows

fashion man people woman

She knowsWhen they are lookingwhen they are talkingWhen they are staringTheir vibes all over their eyes Don't judge herfrom her silenceFor she walks straightShe ignores those gazeShe chose not to reciprocate That doesn't meanYou can go aheadYou will get a nodYou are on right track When neededAt time just rightThe limits crossedShe will fight You … Continue reading She knows

Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

When dealing with young kids and sitting down together to solve activities the most common mistake is unable to see from Childs perspective or use language for the child to understand and solve the activity. Directing them or passing instructions or reading out a question doesn't get the right response or doesn't gets through them … Continue reading Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

Walk Away

photo of woman in red outfit walking

Walk Away When you don't want to be a part of itWhen you don't wan to be at the receiving endWhen you have had enough of itWhen you heart says it does not feel right You don't have to stand for mannersYou don't have to show togethernessYou don't have to stand for fear of being … Continue reading Walk Away

Battle or Revolution

unrecognizable person with poster of protect people

Battle isto settle scoreto conquerto expand Revolution isfor mankindfor preservingfor sustaining Battle is thinking for selfRevolution is for everybody else been there Battle involves strategiesRevolution involves complexities Battle is to meet ones endRevolution is to end and start a new Battles are written in historyRevolution lives forever in victory

Reality Check

astronomy atmosphere earth exploration

Sometimes we expose our children only to goodness, to the experience of perfect things around ,keeping them in comfort zones , exposing them only to one part of reality or their small good world. This can be a disadvantage when they are on their own to face the real world . We train them to … Continue reading Reality Check

Reblogs -The “Sensing the Spirit” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #22 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January 9th, 2021

Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | The “Sensing the Spirit of 2021” Edition. SENSING the Spirit of 2021 speaks for itself. This week’s edition of The Kindest Revolution Weekly is informative on many new initiatives and perspectives: it’s a roundup of Astrology, reflections, predictions on what we might hope to achieve? We have news and … Continue reading Reblogs -The “Sensing the Spirit” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #22 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January 9th, 2021

Raw or Refined

two yellow and red lego toys

They say don't judge a book by its coverYet speak of first impressions make the everlasting opinions They say Just be yourself And be acceptedYet everybody refined to put their best foot forward Raw is simplicityRefined is polished.Simplicity connects to the heartAs Polished to the sense. When Raw,Not having to impressto get complimentsto get approvalto … Continue reading Raw or Refined

Big Skills – 4. Managing Emotions

collage of portraits of cheerful woman

We need to manage our emotions for that come in terms with them , identify them, process and manage, reflect on them and our reactions , learning to express in the right way to right person and at right time. Managing emotions needs you to reflect two major areas one is knowing yourself - emotions … Continue reading Big Skills – 4. Managing Emotions

Powerless it may seem

woman in purple shirt covering her face with her hand

Powerless it may seemin the face of powerAs one takes orderFollows the superiorHas his voice shutOpinions unheardPosition misusedWeak subdued Powerless it may seemtheir plots and plans at worka perfect coverupall those schemesvery well concealedwith great tact and finesseeverything sealed Still fight with all your willTill your mind never submitsNo matter how littleDo the best to … Continue reading Powerless it may seem


mother and daughter having fun

Its strength when facing power so strongIts the wait when you are running outIts the experience that makes you resistantIts the power to bear and rise before dawnIts to keep going when you are all doneIts the power behind superhumans Enduranceis staring in the face of strugglesAnd pain causes no more pain is surviving the … Continue reading Endurance

Changing Trends Short Story – 3. Virtually Growing

faceless girl watching tv on wicker stool at home

The videos put up ,playlist set, running in loops for the child to keep engaged till they finish their duties and regular work. Its not easy to cater to all , growing requirements , changing economy , lifestyle and priorities so keeping the child occupied becomes a necessity. They want to finish it as soon … Continue reading Changing Trends Short Story – 3. Virtually Growing

Life Beyond Self

Learn to see beyond selfTo see those roads where you have never beenTo be able to see beyond what your eyes dreamTo know you have much to be grateful aboutTo accept there are pains greater than your whereaboutsTo give life a fair chanceTo build those muscles strongfor there are more fights alongTo rise from the … Continue reading Life Beyond Self

Changing Trends Short Story – 2. The Firm

advertising business calculator commercial

The perfectly organized home no less than a firm , with well set defined roles each catering to their jobs that suits their profile best. They know when to take their time outs its just one device to the other keeping them engaged . They have planned and put in the best resources for they … Continue reading Changing Trends Short Story – 2. The Firm

Practical Ways – 14. Graphical Organizers for Summarization

person writing on notebook

Using different types of graphical organizers to give a visual representation of the context in text or make a brief idea or layout or summarize the text is very useful while teaching and learning as well. The advantage of using them it helps to make visual ways to represent different concepts , stories or connectivity … Continue reading Practical Ways – 14. Graphical Organizers for Summarization

Sports and Life

green and white court with badminton rackets

I have had this opportunity and fortunate enough to have played a sport through my young years to college, though i have also got to learnt swimming and been able to access to a setup that provides a complete varied setup of various sports. I played badminton for really long time in a proper court … Continue reading Sports and Life


person sky silhouette night

Ego is self harmis sitting in self created bed of thornsis denying help at hands lengthcos you are always at the right when victory is alone yours to savorlosses always because of unable to hear or seefor you are in blind forgetting the journeyremembering the trophy. Ego is stupiditycutting the branch you … Continue reading Ego

Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

clear glass window with moist effect

Sometimes its important to break away from the routine. Routine keeps us so engaged and bound by time table that we forget to look in to those areas which every now and then need to be cleared up. Take up those tasks that got stacked or build up , clear up those corners that got … Continue reading Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

Pages from My life Parenting – 11

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography

Competitive Event It looks like i am out of ideas and wits to handle kids with them at home .Though i have been reading , writing and trying all creative ways and ideas they still feel bored and keep looking for something new ways to learn to be engaged if not met a regular outlet … Continue reading Pages from My life Parenting – 11

Dealing with Stubborn Kids

cute little african american child lying on stack of clothes

What it is to have a stubborn kid ask a parent with one. Its such a difficult task making connection or even talking or getting them to talk. sometimes overwhelming and meltdowns for the parents see their kids behave totally not ready to conform. Worst the stress adding up , is their behavior might effect … Continue reading Dealing with Stubborn Kids

Define Love

close up of tree against sky

Love streams in every realmWhen it originates from a spring Give yours all the love they wantfor it breathes life in all Expect love only from themwho knows love above all Love has no boundariesNor time nor distanceMakes it less effective With duties and rulesIts still waters in pool collectingIts love that keep moving, to … Continue reading Define Love

Writing to connect, Writing to express

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook

Sometimes words were not enoughSometimes the situation just not aptSometimes the listener just not rightSometimes these are emotions you couldn't speak I held my words to myselfAnd then put them to write But its no less a challengeShould i write this or thatCan i mention this or notHow to put it , so that its … Continue reading Writing to connect, Writing to express

Reblogs – PTSD:The impact of cyberbullying on psychological health and how to deal with online abuse

Bullying—including cyberbullying—causes significant emotional and psychological distress. Just like any other victim of bullying , cyberbullied kids experience anxiety, fear, depression, and low self-esteem. They also may experience physical symptoms, and struggle academically. But targets of cyberbullying also experience some unique consequences and negative feelings. With the advent of social media, there was an explosion of personal opinions … Continue reading Reblogs – PTSD:The impact of cyberbullying on psychological health and how to deal with online abuse

Big Skills – 2. Resilience

concentrated woman meditating in lotus pose on meadow

Nowadays kids are brought up in bubble wrap , protected and safeguarded against any exposure to challenges , setbacks or failures. This actually keeps them totally ignorant of facing those failures and rising from them , also being prepared for any such future situations. It is more of a mental preparation and training which unless … Continue reading Big Skills – 2. Resilience

Sometimes Being me, Thats not me

brown textile on white textile

Keeping Everything under control right under my breathSometimesLetting out so that I can breathe free Standing strong like nothing moves meSometimesLooking for someone to hold me Living as if never looking backSometimesThe past peeps through teary eyes Long let gone those dreams that gleamYetWishing for those dream once seen Now its for those who are … Continue reading Sometimes Being me, Thats not me

Look for it , In the right place

unrecognizable man standing in spotlight in dark place

Look for everything in the right place Love ,where it exists, Trust, where it was never broken, Respect, for your thoughts and not medals, Friends, when you need a boost, Strength, when in troubled waters, Weakness, when clouded by apprehension, God, when you know you are just not enough. Look for it in the right … Continue reading Look for it , In the right place

Learning Goals for Kids

anonymous person with binoculars looking through stacked books

Hi friends as we are near to start of new year we all are busy planning making new goals and resolutions. If you are a parent and homeschooling or newly introduced to teaching your kids these plan and goals can make your year better. For more on the ideas discussed here and links on homeschooling … Continue reading Learning Goals for Kids

Big Skills – 1. Multitasking

original painting of gautama buddha on wall of shabby house

Hi dear readers and blogger friends , I am starting this new category of of posts about "Big skills" , where i will discuss about those big skills from parenting point of view and important as a part of child development for a good , peaceful and sustainable future for self and others. These are … Continue reading Big Skills – 1. Multitasking

Practical Ways – 13. Reading to Comprehend

conclusion word formed from lettered yellow tiles

Once kids learn about various vocabularies , begin or learn to read . They have some base knowledge about language and varied topics , stories , science , real life examples as they listen or look at various topics and picture stories .Its time to introduce them to the process of reading on their own … Continue reading Practical Ways – 13. Reading to Comprehend

Learn to Stand Alone


When you know its rightFor the right When, Your own will stand up against youYour besties will doubt youOnes you look up to will ignore youYou will be all that is left with you Some will say to demotivate youSome will call you names to demoralize youSome will make you a joke and mock youSome … Continue reading Learn to Stand Alone

Practical Ways – 12. Stretching Sentence and Story Building

art background decoration light

The most creative thing when every child starts talking is they like to build their stories. Whether at play with their toys or dolls on their own . With a person whom them connect well to share their stories of imagination While playing with their friends when they enact or make up a scenario. Story … Continue reading Practical Ways – 12. Stretching Sentence and Story Building

Reblogs – PTSD:Repressed Childhood Abuse Affects You in Adulthood

Trauma is a subject that is not fun to talk about, but necessary. For those of us who experienced a traumatic childhood at the expense of a relative or lack of mother or father figure, learning how to weave through daily life can be difficult. Without the comfort and love from a caretaker, we go … Continue reading Reblogs – PTSD:Repressed Childhood Abuse Affects You in Adulthood

Grown – Up

blur close up focus ground

Grown up When you are A grown upThey say-You See beyond self-You Believe in solving problem than blaming another-You Can multitask , manage time and make the best use of resources-You don't hold grudges and learn to let go.-You have better control over your emotions and outburst-We make conscious decisions and take responsibility in actions-We … Continue reading Grown – Up

Painting complete picture

painted concrete block on embankment

Some deep lessons that the pandemic has taught us , how we are interdependent on each other for existence, How a fall in one part effects every other linked , We are in it together and we have to be out of it also together .This has somewhat changed the mindset about race and blame … Continue reading Painting complete picture

Truth is Liberating

faceless fit woman swimming in blue ocean

Truth helps you calmAs it clearswhat's being put up.what's just a set up.what's only a get-up.For now that its outyou know it is not what it was. It clears the linebetweenwhat we perceivewhat we receivewhat we deceiveyet in back of the mind we made a truce Now you knowWhy all the effortsnever reached those goalsWhy … Continue reading Truth is Liberating

Practical Ways – 11. Hand gestures and Vocal Expressions for Learning

woman in blue denim jacket using a laptop

Its important to keep kids attention to what you talk at the same time help the understand and connect to what is being taught .Something that helps very much is giving a pictorial representation or hands on activities to do see themselves .But when you are teaching concepts or language some symbols or hand gestures … Continue reading Practical Ways – 11. Hand gestures and Vocal Expressions for Learning

Practical Ways – 10. Activity worksheets and DIY activities

With homeschooling young kids in current scenarios its difficult to get them to study through only one method or practice the same things regularly. The early years of education have many challenges where they are introduced to concepts of language and basic logical skills , numerical skills. The knowledge achieved needs to be repeatedly practiced … Continue reading Practical Ways – 10. Activity worksheets and DIY activities


abstract background beach color

Relationships for a reasonfor common intentionfor sharing emotions Relations that think alikethat don't attachthat serve purpose Relationships of every type ones that last lifetimeones that dont stand test of timethose that are ties of bloodthose that are stronger than bonds of blood ones that need attentionones that need interventionones that thrive on loveones that keep … Continue reading Relationships

Violence At Home

bathroom sink with mirror and soap

Violence at home Is a weaknessto unable to connectto unable to reflectto cover up the flawsto cover up for they will reveal Violence at home is a weaknessnot willing to accept others opinionfear of losing ones positioninability to handle human emotionssuppressing those questioning your intentions Violence at home is a weaknessThat defines ones mental strengththat … Continue reading Violence At Home

Need to Slowdown

climate road landscape people

The race has kept all busythe race to moneythe race to famethe race to be part of the gamethe race to stand outthe race to survival What if this wasn't a raceThere would be more timeto reflectto be more resourcefulto be contentto be more connectableto be collectiveFor wealth alone cant keep the ones comingIf the … Continue reading Need to Slowdown

Reblogs – Whole brain theory

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! If you have been reading my recent blog posts, you’d have noticed me raving about this book I’m reading The 7 habits of highly effective people and you would know I’m on habit 2. Yesterday I finished reading about this habit but I wanted to reflect on … Continue reading Reblogs – Whole brain theory


O último livro do neurocientista francês Michel Desmurget, lançado agora no mês de outubro, tem o expressivo título A Fábrica de Cretinos Digitais. Diretor de pesquisas do afamado Instituto Nacional de Saúde da França, o autor expõe uma situação alarmante e defende sua tese apresentando dados concretos. Segundo ele, a explosão do uso de dispositivos … Continue reading Reblogs – INTELIGÊNCIA EM QUEDA

Relieving the Stress at Home

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach

These times are difficult and with all the family together added work chores and burden there are chances of getting stressed and having anxiety . Sometimes we say things we dont mean to or do things we wouldn't have ever that's when effect of pressure building around us begin to show. And at times kids … Continue reading Relieving the Stress at Home

Thanks post to readers

Dear readers , blogger friends , parents I am thankful and greatful to you to have reached 200 followers in WP and 200 followers in other social platform , but most of all accepting me and helping me grow as part of this community. I have been writing about education , parenting , life, family, … Continue reading Thanks post to readers

Moments of Holding on and Leting go

colorful luminous carousel against kremlin on red square at night

The moment of holding on, And the moment of letting go. The moment one feels weak , helpless and in pain for another's plan for gains, And the moment one decides not to sink in and take control for your loss is their gain. The moment one feels nothing left cos all is lost, And … Continue reading Moments of Holding on and Leting go

Pandemic A major shift in paradigm

time for change sign with led light

Yesterday i stepped out for some emergency shopping leaving others at home , for me it felt a bit weird after a long time everything around seemed to have undergone a major change. I live more in a town side than actual city. Here are my experiences and observations of this shift. Do share your … Continue reading Pandemic A major shift in paradigm

Pages from My life Parenting -10

Develop Maths operations along with ELA , language skills. My daughter had flu last week , she has recovered still on leave from school to feel perfectly fine before she attends school online. For her it feels as if months have passed since she connected to studies and books and teachers are going to be … Continue reading Pages from My life Parenting -10

A heart to connect to

multicolored socks drying on rope with clothespins in garden

Rushing through choresThe same routine everyday. The in and out so familiarWorks like a background score. Though at times its different Someimes pushing hardSometimes drawing short pathsSometimes late than the fixed slotSometimes learning to keep up with the lot Then to find timefor others to attend to. When all go to rest in the nestShe … Continue reading A heart to connect to

Shadows of Art

tender female in violet illumination

Anger , jealousy , revenge , resentmentShadows your true self. When you are engrossed in these thoughtsyour art reflects themMore than your soul. These are shadows that blind your thoughtsSo much filled with anothersyour work and life reflects the other. Once shadowed you are no more yourselfAll your energy depeleted criticising the other self. Its … Continue reading Shadows of Art

What feeds your soul

woman in white and blue floral shirt wearing brown straw hat

If its jealousyyour grass will always be less green. If its revengeyou will never have time to grow. If its competitionyou will always need compliments and trophies. If its intoleranceyou will never be at peace. If its greedyour glass will always be empty. What if its empathyyou will be more human. What if its self … Continue reading What feeds your soul

Creative use of boards

white and brown floral board

Black boards , writng and doodling boards, easel boards, magnetic boards , diy boards, tracing boards, concept boards , sensory boards etc.. There are lot number of boards and their creative uses than we can think . Easel painting can provide idea how a child is developing emotionally, physically and cognitively. Most of all it is … Continue reading Creative use of boards

Preparing for MCQ pattern

crochet needles and threads on windowsill

With changes in education system policy there is a more shift to MCQ pattern from primary education. Many schools have even started with the implementation and shift in current scenario to prepare children for this new pattern. Are objectives a better idea at younger stages will it effect development or bias it on focusing on … Continue reading Preparing for MCQ pattern

Facing Negative emotions

collage photo of woman

As mindful parents we will have to be conscious about our actions , how we react , speak to our kids,check on our selves and our emotions and make sure our actions dont pust them to wrong side of thinking. Helping kids face and deal negative emotions from young age rather than ignoring negative side … Continue reading Facing Negative emotions

Reverse Theory

Many a times we profess or have been advised , you feel good n good things will happen to you, you stay positive n you will attract positivity, you believe in something n that gives power to manifest. It looks like a reverse theory which actually works. Actually there is also reversal theory in psychology … Continue reading Reverse Theory

Reblogs – Just brilliant

Just brilliant… If your child lies to you often, it is because you over-react too harshly to their inappropriate behaviour. If your child is not taught to confide in you about their mistakes, you’ve lost them. If your child had poor self-esteem, it is because you advice them more than you encourage them. If your … Continue reading Reblogs – Just brilliant

Practical ways – 9. Mentoring Public Speaking skills

man standing in front of people sitting on red chairs

Public speaking cannot be achieved or trained within a day .Its a process a person goes through and mastered with experience , practice and guidance. The benefits of public speaking are known to all how it builds confidence , gives success in many fields , better writing research and deductive skills. These are equally important … Continue reading Practical ways – 9. Mentoring Public Speaking skills

Ideals perfect or imperfect?

I decided to write this seeing the current series of events in our media , and some in past decade that have come to light through media about the role models, their picture perfect and reality. When i was young and naïve i used to think highly of people with great intellects, talents ,fame, skills … Continue reading Ideals perfect or imperfect?

Reblogs – Violence against women – hindrance for equality, peace and development.

lockdown and increased risk of domestic violence…!! yes.! each of us can make a difference…!!Violence against women – hindrance for equality, peace and development.

Reblogs – Thursdays Quotes, Quoting Beauty Queens, part 3: Margarita Manso, Maruja Mallo and Marga Gil Roësset, “Las Sinsombrero”

History tends to forget women innovators, adventurers, and artists. Spain is no exception. The generation…of 27…of great thinkers, artists, cinematographers, writers and poets seems to be a generation of men. Men like Luis Buñuel, Rafael Alberti, Juan Ramón Jiménez o Alfonso Ponce de León, but we are not told of women like Maruja Mallo, Margarita … Continue reading Reblogs – Thursdays Quotes, Quoting Beauty Queens, part 3: Margarita Manso, Maruja Mallo and Marga Gil Roësset, “Las Sinsombrero”

Pages from My Life Parenting -9

water color palette on white case

With children around its always going to be messy In current scenario with growing burden of chores and no help, as well as all round the clock catering to children - studies , activities , play , bonding as much as i can do to keep them away from screen time. And never ending kitchen … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -9

Child Centered Pedagogy

collection of bright modern calligraphy brushes on white background

This is the term which clearly explains the meaning of How teaching is a customized process for every child. How inclusive education is still a distant goal. How training and resources form the heart of equal education for all. How teaching takes the responsibility irrespective of the different needs of the child. How equal opportunity … Continue reading Child Centered Pedagogy

Pages from My Life Parenting – 8

pen calendar to do checklist

Fruitful use of vacation time Here I wont be sharing how you can engage your child in different activities or co curricular activities to take up, going for trips , taking up hobbies, exploring interests . That is a integral part of vacation that's what vacations are for. I will here share how i have … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 8

Reflection 9. – Future Focused

abstract aluminum architectural architecture

As parents we are always future focused about children their career , life, competition , challenges, milestones, goals. Most of the problems arise trying to be future focused while the actual need is to live in the current moment. There is always a fear and uncertainty with the future and a trying to be prepared … Continue reading Reflection 9. – Future Focused

Reblogs -Tantrum or Sensory Meltdown? – The Highly Sensitive Child

Check out this post and blog dedicated to highly sensitive children and selective mutism.Ways to deal with them and common misconception about high sensitivity. Nowadays with many issues related to kids is mixed up with them being not getting along or not following or not being attentive.Its very much needed to be informed about all … Continue reading Reblogs -Tantrum or Sensory Meltdown? – The Highly Sensitive Child

Realities of Motherhood

mother holding her baby

The standards set and expectations are really high from a mother , already being a woman in the family she is trained to be able to bear , learn to put herself behind and look after well being of others first. Not everybody has an easy motherhood , though called a joyful expereience.Many factors like … Continue reading Realities of Motherhood

Reblogs – Control, Anxiety, and Oppositional Behaviour at Home and School.

All children have a tendency to display oppositional behavior at times. After 13 years working with children with Autism, ADHD, ODD and other needs I have seen a range of reasons for opposition. With my own children I can identify factors that can lead to oppositional behaviour. This doesn’t make it easier to deal with, … Continue reading Reblogs – Control, Anxiety, and Oppositional Behaviour at Home and School.

Are Both Right?

person standing on black floor

Teaching tolerance or Not to tolerate that is unacceptable. Punishing the culprits or Sharing the responsibility to bring in change. Parenting takes responsibility of child development or the Child living up to the expectations. Femininsm and equality or Feminine yet equal. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder or Beauty as an art to boost … Continue reading Are Both Right?

Dealing Negativity

There will always be negativity around , there is no need to try to fit in because there will always be reservations , insecurities or beneficiaries. Which ever side of the line you are you will always have others on the other side .Never spend an extra effort proving how right you are or expect … Continue reading Dealing Negativity

Listen to your kids

mother and children on a sofa

We are always in a mood to teach , train or pass instructions or judgments. It is very necessary to take out time just to listen to them. No doubt all we do is out of care and concern but its also a relation like any other relation and we need to build it giving … Continue reading Listen to your kids

Reblogs – Celibacy

Image credit – Jeswin Thomas on The palms fidgeted, hands trembled, and mind went wild over this heart wrenching oath.  Which sensible person has the audacity to keep his fingers away from the smooth velvety touch of a such an expensive glass; from peering inside it as it exposes the whole world. Distancing oneself … Continue reading Reblogs – Celibacy

Freedom to fly

anonymous person pointing finger at bird

A bird trains its chick to fly ,But never asks it to returnAs it has a journey to strive. ThenWhy do we bind themand have them burden expectationsWhy do we tell them they are freeyet they have a limited sky Its in our duty to care to teach them to flyIts our reason to live … Continue reading Freedom to fly


flight landscape nature sky

Differences don't prove you are rightAnd I am wrongIt don't mean somebody is lesserAnd the other is superior It just means you have travelled where I haven't beenAnd I have seen where you haven't been Differences are what make us believe and questionBeyond what is already knownBecause a lifetime is always less to experienceEverything the … Continue reading Differences

Double Standard

portrait of a woman with double exposure

Its very common to have people preach very high morals and practice exactly the opposite without letting it even be doubted. Its in this generation which holds a face and feels or thinks exactly opposite within , without changes in lines of face. This has made it even difficult to judge people just by their … Continue reading Double Standard

Reblogs – Immoral Instinct|غریزه غیراخلاقی

“161st Story” Once upon a time A shepherd was grazing his herd. He saw a bush that was on fire. He got closer to the bush and saw a snake crawling to the highest part to find a safer place. The snake was so desperate for help. The shepherd found a tree branch and pointed … Continue reading Reblogs – Immoral Instinct|غریزه غیراخلاقی

Reblogs -A NEW BABY

A new day is like a new babyUndeserving of troubled pastEven if tears of yesteryears act shadyIt will be crass to latch and lust…for the new baby IIIn the same way it’ll be unfairTo share with it a past worryIf a hurt does claim its pairIt must settle for a sincere sorryFor it will be … Continue reading Reblogs -A NEW BABY

Study tips for parents to help young learners

adorable blur bookcase books

As parents and tutors there are some basic tips while helping young learners with their studying . These will help to make the study successful in addition to minimizing the stress related to study both at the child and tutor level. 1.With young kids there is always limitation to attention span, control on focus over … Continue reading Study tips for parents to help young learners

Belief System

sky space dark galaxy

We all have a belief system based on culture, religion , values, priorities. Some believe in the existence of supreme power so do I , some believe in the control of their life and power of their action, some believe the power is around us and everywhere . There are innumerable variations and theories and … Continue reading Belief System

Reflection 8. – Freedom to make decisions and opinion’s

chessboard game

The best way to put your belief in children , give them an understanding of all possibilities , choices , the effects good or bad , the values right and wrong and then freedom to let them make their decisions and form opinions based on their thinking and experience. Yet if they go wrong they … Continue reading Reflection 8. – Freedom to make decisions and opinion’s

Pages from My Life Parenting – 7

colorful toothed wheels

Life Cycle in every field I wasn't part of any social media platform for really long , its only recently with pandemic and lockdowns i found my way here or never thought of it even as a necessity. Now i realize the benefits it brought into my life the easyflow of information , knowledge and … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 7

Reflection 7. – Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

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Its important in todays competitive world our children don't become high headed with their success or fuel their egos with achievement and consider every other person as threat/ competition or failure to look down upon. Not everybody have had an equal opportunity or life isn't fair in terms of resources , physical / mental challenges … Continue reading Reflection 7. – Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

Bullying is a silent killer which breaks more than mind , strength and courage of the victim to fight back also it has its effect long after those episodes are over in life. The only way is to tackle them to avoid carrying the burden always. But its not easy as said there are various … Continue reading Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

Practical ways – 8. Measurements and Comparisons

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Measurement basics are introduced in grade1 discussion of measurements around us, how we are to use and how it makes things easy to evaluate , estimate , various ways and instruments , measurement system, learning to make comparisons and choices. Yes its too much information to process presented totally from a formal point of view. … Continue reading Practical ways – 8. Measurements and Comparisons