Chaotic use of Technology and Online contents Is messing up Teaching for young kids

Blind use of Technology Is messing it up

With the age and generation of technology, teaching has become very much reliant on technology. Lots of content available and very much scattered .Animations moving and long durations of videos just to get a simple concept to the child. The content available is so much scattered which if properly studied can be concise into not more than 15 minutes of well organized and actually fruitful content.

There were times when you needed to be prepared well for teaching now availability of the content has more deviated it into reading of the topics from these sources with not much inputs and detailed explanation. Also forgetting to focus on the actual audience their age , knowledge , background and other factors.

My note: Do not use contents , without making it clear what and how much is to be learnt (based on age). While using contents of technology don’t be so much dependent as most of them do not give the human touch of taking the child about to and fro from topics based on what they may know and whats new. Last the content don’t many a times link to topics that need to be known or understood before you can actually understand the depth or levels covered in videos or animations.

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