My Journal 26. Best or Mediocre

gold round coin on blue textile

The choice is not easy everybody wants to be the best. But actually there is no best and trying to be the one , looses the perception of reality and going for an imaginary perfect best losing a lot in the process. Mediocre is real, a balance, a space for growth , time for all … Continue reading My Journal 26. Best or Mediocre

My Journal 25. Life is about change

photo of woman writing on tablet computer while using laptop

Hi dear friends recently i have not been regular with my posts and blogging , its due to other responsibilities and my daughters academic year end studies .Yet whenever i find time i always will post about everything i always do .If i am not reading or liking your posts its probably i am away … Continue reading My Journal 25. Life is about change

Pages from My Life Parenting – 15

two women having a meeting inside glass panel office

Teaching kids about Planning Planning is an important part of life that kids need to be introduced through by showing them how it could be done , sometimes let them make their part of the plan on their own . Let them see around how planning in real life makes things easy to work on … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 15

Textual Content for Online Learning

from above of ethnic student examining location of constellations on map in library

In online learning using of textual content with direct teacher interaction or using textual content for self study .some of the following points can helps to make content covey the information in a more attentive and attractive and concise manner Use of color schemes , like to highlight important topics or points or heading, differentiate … Continue reading Textual Content for Online Learning

Reblogs – Anti-Bullying Week

First, let me say that I think it’s very disturbing that we have to dedicate a specific time to address an issue that shouldn’t exist in the first place. It’s sad, disheartening and frustrating that people have so little regard for others. Unfortunately though, this is our reality. There are people who, I think, have … Continue reading Reblogs – Anti-Bullying Week

Reblogs – Independent Learning through Asynchronous Instruction

The current state of education has provided educators with an opportunity to teach in a whole new way. Most teachers have decided to teach remotely, which involves primarily teaching through a video conferencing tool such as skype. However, some teachers have chosen to be a little more adventurous and use asynchronous learning through prerecorded videos, … Continue reading Reblogs – Independent Learning through Asynchronous Instruction


green and white leaves illustration

Hope is something you should never give up onAnd when you are about to give up hope keeps on Hope is miraclea superpowera strength in your beliefto see things happen as you wish Keep hope,Never be so sure of current times and troublesTides will change you just keep rowing When you feel at the edgeJus … Continue reading Hope

Wise Words

Don't be critical or judgmental about others action, if you really want a change do it and show how it is to be done. Rather than direct what is to be done, Focus should be on details how it is do be done. Never react to others hurting actions or wordsInstead respond with a clear … Continue reading Wise Words

Reblogs – Cognitive Load Theory, Executive Function, and Instructional Design

I recently attended a conference about teaching students with executive functioning challenges. Executive functions are a set of essential cognitive capabilities and skills typically encompassing the three areas of self-control, flexible thinking, and working memory. Depending on which executive function skill or capacity you’re targeting, students can be supported by changing the environment, changing the … Continue reading Reblogs – Cognitive Load Theory, Executive Function, and Instructional Design

Mind Games

battle black blur board game

Mind Games a mark of the intelligent era we live in .Ways to get back in deceptive ways .The target fixed ,plans made and worked out as if a natural course . Once ventured into the game, there is no way out you either take sides or play on your own . Learn the rules … Continue reading Mind Games


woman in gray sea shell on beach

Like a virus enters the systemDoesn't leave without effects shownThough results differ with immunityAlso passes on to our near and known Fear, Finds its way through our sensesThen weaken the bodyManipulates the brainShrinks the heart that holds courage. Sometimes these are faces known or in forms unknownSometimes reasons known or sources unknownSometimes self made or … Continue reading Fear

Big Skills 8.- “Teaching Skills”

photo of woman writing on blackboard

Teaching is a noble profession and the reason known to all as we had our teachers in our life -people who have the conviction to nurture young minds and mold them into something great .Teachers are our nation builder the strength of every proffession in our country grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers help to … Continue reading Big Skills 8.- “Teaching Skills”

My Journal 24. – Nonverbal

persons hand doing thumbs up

Hi dear friends , if you know me from past 10 months i have been blogging i write a lot about parenting and many other things .Also have started journaling where i talk about those topics from life and around i think about or feel , But what after all this I tell you I … Continue reading My Journal 24. – Nonverbal

Pages from My Life Parenting – 14

scrapbook on white textile

Diary, Scrapbooks and Picture Books Hi friends I am kind of feeling exhausted with growing responsibility and keeping kids connected with everything possible so that don't feel the pressure of this change and start throwing tantrums to show they just cant take it anymore. Yes now once in a while we do take them to … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting – 14

Home Schooling / Home Teaching – Teaching Techniques

mother helping her daughter with homework

In this system of education or when used to support kids by additional tutoring at home , needs lot of preparation and back effort to work for best interest of child with focused attention and working on their weak areas needing more efforts and practice. Being ready with a proper plan based on subjects , … Continue reading Home Schooling / Home Teaching – Teaching Techniques

Reflective Parenting

None of us are perfect and that's the key to improvement or change. Some are really good at some parts of life that they developed or skilled over the years. But still no one is completely right 100% when it comes to parenting. There is a need to accept changes in self and look for … Continue reading Reflective Parenting


person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds

It takes focus , dedication and hardworkStill factors beyond controlThat work for success or as hurdles to overcome. Sometimes its about beingat the right placeat the right timehaving the right opportunityhaving right resources and facilities Success cant be measured by achievements aloneBut how long it keeps goingTill you check your egoTill a Balance between emotions, … Continue reading Success

My Journal 23. – Self -Consciousness

fashionable young woman in colorful outfit on street

While we have become outgrown , confident , achievers , better informed ,more knowledge , more aware but at some point in life when we were kids or youth or at some point or the other we were very self conscious sometimes due to the way be look or some distinguishing feature or being less … Continue reading My Journal 23. – Self -Consciousness

Practical Ways 17. – Calendars , Time table , Table charts

pink calendar on notebooks on table

Kids can be introduced to actually reading calendar in detail from grade 1 though its parts and vocabulary are made familiar much before . While reading a calendar help the identify the different parts the month , year , weeks , weekdays and a day . Then help them locate important event or dates on … Continue reading Practical Ways 17. – Calendars , Time table , Table charts

Practical Ways 16 . – Indirect Questions

teacher asking a question to the class

Indirect questions is a good way of getting response at the same time being polite and showing curiosity. When you want a build a connect , get attention to what you are speaking or give an introductory start to a question. This also brings one as a less confronting trying to make a connection or … Continue reading Practical Ways 16 . – Indirect Questions

Reblogs – An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude with Gratitude by Dr. Valerie Allen Even in difficult economic times, we live in a land of abundance. Most families exceed the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Children have more than ample toys and clothes. Often, they have difficulty finding storage for the excess items in their bedrooms and play areas. … Continue reading Reblogs – An Attitude of Gratitude

My Journal 22. – Forces of Life

gray newton s cradle in close up photogaphy

There are various types of forces as described in physics gravity , friction , applied , magnetic, spring, normal... . But in real life in human experience too I have seen and experienced around many forces though i tried to name them according to their existence in human life. There could be more type of … Continue reading My Journal 22. – Forces of Life

Why education matters?

brother and sister with books on their heads

Why education matters in these difficult times , when there are more issues to tackle and problems to address .Education from any system homeschooling or schooling or online or distant or live is important in whichever form one receives it in .Why not receive training in a skill or learn a particular skill and get … Continue reading Why education matters?

Inclusive Education Strategies

clear light bulb on black surface

The main reason for inclusive education is making equal availability of same education curriculum to all types of students despite difference in their learning abilities which may be due to various factors. There are advantages of this inclusive education giving right exposure to all kind of students , enabling interaction between them , helping them … Continue reading Inclusive Education Strategies

My Journal 21. – Something vs Nothing

two green cactus plants at daytime

This post is actually inspired by a science video of one of my favorite science video creator "The action Lab", i find more meaning than science and connections in the way science is explained. In one of the videos he talks about "do nothing grinder" and what is difference between that seems nothing and is … Continue reading My Journal 21. – Something vs Nothing

My Journal 20. – The Fancy Shoes

elegant white shoes placed on soft pouf

Today we went out for shopping to actual shop unlike online shopping we have been doing for some months where the biggest problem is what you see is not what you get , then the color , size , quality difference than what you expected . With kids it becomes the double the trouble if … Continue reading My Journal 20. – The Fancy Shoes

Reblogs -How do I Navigate for my Adult Children?

“I want the very best for my kids, but they can’t seem to figure out life for themselves.” “What if I am enabling them instead of helping them?” “How do I know how much is enough help?” Parents of Adult Children who want to navigate them to a better way of life (The premise for … Continue reading Reblogs -How do I Navigate for my Adult Children?

Behind Closed Doors

Secrets HiddenLonely MindsBroken heartsTears BrokeAgreements madeRealities unmaskedSuppressed feelingsOutburst releasedPromises BrokenWords LostUntold storiesCourage crushedFear Instilled These are not just doorsSometimes a never ending holeone sinks intoSometimes invisible boundspushed intoSometimes pushed by power or numbers greaterSometimes by thoughts or norms if not followedSometimes to curb the freedom from ones life When you know such doorsRing the bellMake … Continue reading Behind Closed Doors

My Journal 19. – Humor and Me

adorable stylish black girl making faces in studio

What makes one laugh or what humor means or what is your sense of humor defines a lot about the persons take on life , his mentality , his sensitivity to others and self .Some people think me and humor are not at good relation , which is not true only that I don't have … Continue reading My Journal 19. – Humor and Me

Bad Childhood

wood love people art

In one of my previous post i have spoken of realities of motherhood, challenges and reflections as parents.One more thing that also holds true is not everybody has a good childhood due to poverty ,bad parenting , childhood abuse or broken homes , to substance abuse and homes with frequent clashes or quarrels. Growing up … Continue reading Bad Childhood

Reblogs – The childhood lessons that saved our lives in the face of the pandemics

Part of my most recent training was dedicated to the cross-disciplinary sharing of knowledge among fellow teachers. Through role-play activities and games, English teachers introduce, demonstrate, and rationalize the methods of teaching they adopt. They let their Japanese co-workers experience for themselves the effectiveness of learner-centered instruction and the way they help students build […]The … Continue reading Reblogs – The childhood lessons that saved our lives in the face of the pandemics

Big Skills – 7 . Problem Solving Skills


Kids can have many problems arising form any areas of development from academics , to behavior , to communication , to social .How we or they on their own identify and tackle these problems also needs to be worked out .Sometimes it could be through guidance , sometimes collaboration , sometimes self evaluated and solving. … Continue reading Big Skills – 7 . Problem Solving Skills

My Journal 18. The Slide

architectural photography of playground

One thing we miss a lot after the pandemic in the visit to community gardens especially overcrowded in those kids play area during weekends . The kids were unknown to each other but they enjoyed running around those equipment's , climbing and hanging and the rush sliding down. These don't make that much fun , … Continue reading My Journal 18. The Slide

My Journal 16.- The Question

black and white abstract painting

I have come with my version of the answer to the question that most of us have had some point in our life . Sometimes we followed what was told or taught us , at times we had those versions where we wanted to make our choices seem right , then we have those versions … Continue reading My Journal 16.- The Question

My Journal 15. – Timeout

london telephone booth long exposure lights

Something that has come around everybody's life with these new normal is "timeout". A break from those regular lifestyle those parts that formed parts of routine of our life and some of them which were real big parts of life suddenly went out and we found those time and energies introduced to many new areas … Continue reading My Journal 15. – Timeout

My Journal 14. – Journey

One truth about life all agree to especially if they have seen and lived life in every aspect, know that its all about the journey not the destination. Yes i have known people who have skipped the journey , sometimes found shortcuts to reach the same destination , but i tell you it was totally … Continue reading My Journal 14. – Journey


black and green butterfly on leaf

When the old ways no more serves purpose,With changing times it outgrows,One needs to grow leave behind a comfortable point,Sometimes you are swayed by the winds of change,Sometimes It comes with necessity of time. Transformation takes its effect,Its not an easy path.The one that changes old norms.The one that defines new all.The one that evolves … Continue reading Transformation

My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

grayscale photography of crying woman

No matter how great writer , speaker , orator or artist one are there are areas of life or living one never speaks of or sometimes left unspoken of .These are part of the unspoken words of life sometimes of the community at large we are a part of. Sometimes these are feeling long lost … Continue reading My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

My Journal 12. – Patterns , Phases and Pursuit

gray sand dunes

I am more kind of spiritual person to the extent i believe in the existence and purpose of life only on spirituality. But i refrain from sharing my thoughts or knowledge on spirituality because i think its a personal journey one experiences through life and cant be learnt or taught and sought through another's viewpoint … Continue reading My Journal 12. – Patterns , Phases and Pursuit

My Journal 11. Small Things

three clothespins on clothesline

There are many small things around us in home or at work that have great value despite their size or value of existence . These acts , things , expressions serve their purpose so important that most of them are irreplaceable. These small things are so valuable when needed we almost go on a hunt … Continue reading My Journal 11. Small Things

Pages from My life Parenting – 13

little asian boy in navy uniform in studio

Story Building - Creativity, Imagination and Language Development My elder daughter had language delays though she is good academically , she has learnt to converse at good level in her mother tongue .She still has troubles communicating fluently in English or in second language , though she has made tremendous progress every year .But in … Continue reading Pages from My life Parenting – 13

Practical Ways 15 – Solving Math’s Stories

Solving Story or word problems of maths operations for kids Math's basic operations addition , subtraction , multiplication and division get introduced from L kg and are introduced in more details with greater numbers with tens and hundreds value till 2 nd grade. First they begin with basic understanding of the concept , then learning … Continue reading Practical Ways 15 – Solving Math’s Stories

My Journal 10. The Masala Box

Every Indian home has this spice box in their kitchen which contains a variety of spices either as whole or as powdered mixture called masalas . Each masala has different combination of spices for different taste for different foods. Sometimes a combination of these masalas are used in different proportion to get the required taste. … Continue reading My Journal 10. The Masala Box

Reblogs -Illiterate

A wise woman I knew,never could read a book,she cared for the chickens,sang and danced as she cooked. She could make sweet candy,curdling milk with lime,adding sugar too,it tasted sublime. Building her fine house,of mortar and bricks,she mopped it inside,with a rag and stick. Not watching a clock,when predicting time,instead looked outside,noticing sunshine. Quickly sniffing … Continue reading Reblogs -Illiterate

Conflict Resolution

annoyed black man threatening girlfriend during conflict in kitchen

Conflicts are a part of life you cant always expect things to go your way or the right way nor will you always give in the face of you don't want to accept or be a part of or you want to solve a problem to avoid any more troubles. Sometimes you don't want to … Continue reading Conflict Resolution

Self – Confidence

calm african american lady with floral headband touching face

I have no interest in what you gotBut will stand up for my thoughts I wasn't made in a dayAll the efforts and sores make me today I will not ask what you gotButwill not let you question that I got Its more than my possession Its my journey, my memory, my identity I will … Continue reading Self – Confidence

Reblogs – Motherhood memes to get you through the day

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! I know I said I wouldn’t blog until the 1st of February but I just found out that the total lockdown is until the 8th of February. Ahhh! So I still can’t visit my family or go out for walks. This is extremely stressful for me but … Continue reading Reblogs – Motherhood memes to get you through the day

A mothers heart

crop woman holding baby clothes while resting on couch

I look immovableI look strongI look unshakableAs i stand like a rockFor your life in my arms ButIt hurts me tooI felt broken tooI have seen nights passwaiting for dawn to arriveSometimes at the edgeFearing this time i wont make itAnd then a powerrising from a prayer withinI get goingAs if all of it never … Continue reading A mothers heart

Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship

multiethnic students and teacher listening report of student

There have been times to get children to understand or listen we have to talk about or remind them of their teacher . What the teacher would think or say about for a particular situation or problem and then we get a immediate response that's the power of the teacher - child relationship. There are … Continue reading Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship

Pages from My Life Parenting -12

Organized and Build Up methods of learning My daughter just finished her third semester of this year , it went much smoother even with all the challenges we faced at home front and health front . I have always cultivated and followed an organized regular method of learning than adhoc and crash course ones before … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -12

Begin At home

Begin with selfBegin at home If you want a changeStart at the heartStart with your homeIts likePointing the dirt outWithout cleaning the home Every little problemIs solved at its sourceDoesnt Growupto effect the whole They talk about being the changeStarting anew ButSeeds of the coming timeRight under your sunshine They talk big to be the … Continue reading Begin At home

My Journal 9 . – Signboards

photo of woman holding signboard

Yes the ones you see on roads those that make safety rules for all while walking driving or using the roads. Well those people abide by law , but i am talking about signboards at different places to put a notice , bring to attention or say something that is very basic human logic and … Continue reading My Journal 9 . – Signboards

My Journal 8. – Superhumans

purple and blue abstract painting

We all have been in this phase or point which push us beyond our limits and we feel like superhumans. I am not exaggerating actually when we remember those memories even we are shocked how could we do something like this. Human mind is beyond comprehension. May be that's what about humans when time or … Continue reading My Journal 8. – Superhumans

Big Skills – 6. Random Acts of Kindness


There is too much of negativity around with the challenges and struggles and so may obstacles to the normal routine which was very easy once .Everybody is learning or coping or figuring out ways. The only thing to avoid the most is to add to this negativity and spread it around. Something that can do … Continue reading Big Skills – 6. Random Acts of Kindness

My Journal – 7.A Birthday Post

happy birthday text

Hi Dear friends , Today is my birthday .Astrologically i am a cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.That makes me the complicated and dual person i am ,displaying the traits of a hardworking and focused Capricorn and intellectual mindset of a Aquarian . I do believe in astrological influences and stuff, have even given a much … Continue reading My Journal – 7.A Birthday Post

My Journal 6. – The Makeup Box

I have never been much of a beauty conscious or look focused person , due to struggles at my personal front and ambitions to achieve, the only aim and I was very focused . Yes this left me out of the crowd , then i didn't give much importance to it or it never bothered … Continue reading My Journal 6. – The Makeup Box

My Journal 5. – The Roti’s

bread food healthy dinner

For those of who you don't know roti's, are circular flat Indian breads made at every home in India. To eat with either cooked vegetables made as curry or bhaji or any non vegetarian curry. Its such a important part of Indian food. Its almost made everyday in numbers as per home member strength, from … Continue reading My Journal 5. – The Roti’s

Innocence and Arrogance

young woman helping friend during headstand exercise in studio

Innocence in a Childs playArrogance is a Tricksters play Innocence is BeautyArrogance is Filthy Innocence is questions with CuriosityArrogance is to question with Authority Innocence is laughter that adds sparkle to your eyesArrogance is laughter that breaks the inside Innocence needs no JustificationArrogance needs Correction Innocence needs GuidanceArrogance needs Repentance Innocence is like clear water … Continue reading Innocence and Arrogance


symbols of justice and law on table of judge

People takes sides that suits their typeSometimes that benefits them in timeSometimes to coverup for their lapseSometimes for their own gainsSometimes for another's painSometimes seeing beyond ones sightSometimes knowing what's rightSometimes scores to settleSometimes a clear battleSometimes carefully thoughtSometimes manipulated and sought Both sides look alikeBoth put up an equal fightTake a sideYour Soul tells … Continue reading Sides

Reblogs -The “Last Edition” … The Weekly Newspaper #23 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January16th, 2021

Thanks for the mention and all you efforts . Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | The “Last Edition”. This week’s edition of The Kindest Revolution Weekly is the last — we’re closing the doors this afternoon, but you’ll still be able to access the archives! Today’s edition is a roundup of hope, and I’ve found … Continue reading Reblogs -The “Last Edition” … The Weekly Newspaper #23 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January16th, 2021

What it takes to win

black and white sport fight boxer

To winYou need to be skilledYou need to trainYou need think out of the binYou should be able to strike a deal More than thatYou need enduranceTo take the blows when your time is down in the ringYou need resilienceA hope and strength you will rise again after itYou need humilityTo keep you grounded even … Continue reading What it takes to win

My Journal 4. The eagle and the crow

silhouette of bird flying

From my younger days I have been more of spiritual person .At that time when many of them at my age were discovering life i was questioning life and reason with my greatest teacher "google and soul searching" . I started to read about many practices to text to religions around the world , their … Continue reading My Journal 4. The eagle and the crow

Big Skills 5. – Empathy

Empathy is able to see beyond self , understanding the position another is in by seeing ourself in their place.This is to able feel their condition , giving the right response and helping them feel better in the process. This is just not for others having empathy benefits self in many ways .Empathy allows a … Continue reading Big Skills 5. – Empathy

My Journal 3. The Lamppost

It is always late bed time for me with finishing all the left work , to putting kids to sleep and then some time out for myself. During this hour of night when i look out of my window which is at a higher floor , i see the lamp post the one with the … Continue reading My Journal 3. The Lamppost

Pages from My Life Parenting -15

Collectives Learning, Group Study Its third semester exam time of ongoing year, for my elder daughter in such times with online learning.She missed a lot too this time with challenges at health front .But we covered up slowly in a planned and calm manner.There is still much to do before the day .We are taking … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -15

A Boasting King

black chalkboard with medical mask

The self declared king ,In his palace of dreams.Treating his subjects ,like his slaves.As they bow downto attend his meeeting.His power at peakOnly In his courtrooms.Where he puts up a showof his stupidityand vain ego. They praise him,Fear his wrath,Put up an act,For his tyranny,A self made story. The boasting kingSits in his throne,never to … Continue reading A Boasting King

Pulling Another Down

Pulling Down Another If that makes you feel superior If that retains your power If that defines your position If that certifies your talent Well go ahead, Pulling another down Is just to mask your insecurities Is To cover up for your weakness Is the lack of self belief Is to thrive on others failure … Continue reading Pulling Another Down

My Journal 2. Routine

One problem being a homemaker is getting bored of the same routine and tasks that too in a continuous manner without any change or breaks . It becomes such a routine after sometime even when your mind is occupied , still a part of brain easily controls your movements to keep the work going .These … Continue reading My Journal 2. Routine

My Journal 1. The Kite

man wearing blue shirt flying kite

"My Journal" i will write about those small little things that cross my attention during different times of the day . That keep me engaged and pondering when i am on my own or with my daily chores .These small things help me connect to some great lessons or connect to life in some way.These … Continue reading My Journal 1. The Kite

She knows

fashion man people woman

She knowsWhen they are lookingwhen they are talkingWhen they are staringTheir vibes all over their eyes Don't judge herfrom her silenceFor she walks straightShe ignores those gazeShe chose not to reciprocate That doesn't meanYou can go aheadYou will get a nodYou are on right track When neededAt time just rightThe limits crossedShe will fight You … Continue reading She knows

Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

When dealing with young kids and sitting down together to solve activities the most common mistake is unable to see from Childs perspective or use language for the child to understand and solve the activity. Directing them or passing instructions or reading out a question doesn't get the right response or doesn't gets through them … Continue reading Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

Walk Away

photo of woman in red outfit walking

Walk Away When you don't want to be a part of itWhen you don't wan to be at the receiving endWhen you have had enough of itWhen you heart says it does not feel right You don't have to stand for mannersYou don't have to show togethernessYou don't have to stand for fear of being … Continue reading Walk Away

Battle or Revolution

unrecognizable person with poster of protect people

Battle isto settle scoreto conquerto expand Revolution isfor mankindfor preservingfor sustaining Battle is thinking for selfRevolution is for everybody else been there Battle involves strategiesRevolution involves complexities Battle is to meet ones endRevolution is to end and start a new Battles are written in historyRevolution lives forever in victory

Reality Check

astronomy atmosphere earth exploration

Sometimes we expose our children only to goodness, to the experience of perfect things around ,keeping them in comfort zones , exposing them only to one part of reality or their small good world. This can be a disadvantage when they are on their own to face the real world . We train them to … Continue reading Reality Check

Reblogs -The “Sensing the Spirit” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #22 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January 9th, 2021

Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | The “Sensing the Spirit of 2021” Edition. SENSING the Spirit of 2021 speaks for itself. This week’s edition of The Kindest Revolution Weekly is informative on many new initiatives and perspectives: it’s a roundup of Astrology, reflections, predictions on what we might hope to achieve? We have news and … Continue reading Reblogs -The “Sensing the Spirit” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #22 Susan’s Editorial Saturday January 9th, 2021

Raw or Refined

two yellow and red lego toys

They say don't judge a book by its coverYet speak of first impressions make the everlasting opinions They say Just be yourself And be acceptedYet everybody refined to put their best foot forward Raw is simplicityRefined is polished.Simplicity connects to the heartAs Polished to the sense. When Raw,Not having to impressto get complimentsto get approvalto … Continue reading Raw or Refined

Big Skills – 4. Managing Emotions

collage of portraits of cheerful woman

We need to manage our emotions for that come in terms with them , identify them, process and manage, reflect on them and our reactions , learning to express in the right way to right person and at right time. Managing emotions needs you to reflect two major areas one is knowing yourself - emotions … Continue reading Big Skills – 4. Managing Emotions

Powerless it may seem

woman in purple shirt covering her face with her hand

Powerless it may seemin the face of powerAs one takes orderFollows the superiorHas his voice shutOpinions unheardPosition misusedWeak subdued Powerless it may seemtheir plots and plans at worka perfect coverupall those schemesvery well concealedwith great tact and finesseeverything sealed Still fight with all your willTill your mind never submitsNo matter how littleDo the best to … Continue reading Powerless it may seem


mother and daughter having fun

Its strength when facing power so strongIts the wait when you are running outIts the experience that makes you resistantIts the power to bear and rise before dawnIts to keep going when you are all doneIts the power behind superhumans Enduranceis staring in the face of strugglesAnd pain causes no more pain is surviving the … Continue reading Endurance

Changing Trends Short Story – 3. Virtually Growing

faceless girl watching tv on wicker stool at home

The videos put up ,playlist set, running in loops for the child to keep engaged till they finish their duties and regular work. Its not easy to cater to all , growing requirements , changing economy , lifestyle and priorities so keeping the child occupied becomes a necessity. They want to finish it as soon … Continue reading Changing Trends Short Story – 3. Virtually Growing

Life Beyond Self

Learn to see beyond selfTo see those roads where you have never beenTo be able to see beyond what your eyes dreamTo know you have much to be grateful aboutTo accept there are pains greater than your whereaboutsTo give life a fair chanceTo build those muscles strongfor there are more fights alongTo rise from the … Continue reading Life Beyond Self

Changing Trends Short Story – 2. The Firm

advertising business calculator commercial

The perfectly organized home no less than a firm , with well set defined roles each catering to their jobs that suits their profile best. They know when to take their time outs its just one device to the other keeping them engaged . They have planned and put in the best resources for they … Continue reading Changing Trends Short Story – 2. The Firm

Practical Ways – 14. Graphical Organizers for Summarization

person writing on notebook

Using different types of graphical organizers to give a visual representation of the context in text or make a brief idea or layout or summarize the text is very useful while teaching and learning as well. The advantage of using them it helps to make visual ways to represent different concepts , stories or connectivity … Continue reading Practical Ways – 14. Graphical Organizers for Summarization

Sports and Life

green and white court with badminton rackets

I have had this opportunity and fortunate enough to have played a sport through my young years to college, though i have also got to learnt swimming and been able to access to a setup that provides a complete varied setup of various sports. I played badminton for really long time in a proper court … Continue reading Sports and Life


person sky silhouette night

Ego is self harmis sitting in self created bed of thornsis denying help at hands lengthcos you are always at the right when victory is alone yours to savorlosses always because of unable to hear or seefor you are in blind forgetting the journeyremembering the trophy. Ego is stupiditycutting the branch you … Continue reading Ego

Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

clear glass window with moist effect

Sometimes its important to break away from the routine. Routine keeps us so engaged and bound by time table that we forget to look in to those areas which every now and then need to be cleared up. Take up those tasks that got stacked or build up , clear up those corners that got … Continue reading Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

Pages from My life Parenting – 11

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography

Competitive Event It looks like i am out of ideas and wits to handle kids with them at home .Though i have been reading , writing and trying all creative ways and ideas they still feel bored and keep looking for something new ways to learn to be engaged if not met a regular outlet … Continue reading Pages from My life Parenting – 11

Dealing with Stubborn Kids

cute little african american child lying on stack of clothes

What it is to have a stubborn kid ask a parent with one. Its such a difficult task making connection or even talking or getting them to talk. sometimes overwhelming and meltdowns for the parents see their kids behave totally not ready to conform. Worst the stress adding up , is their behavior might effect … Continue reading Dealing with Stubborn Kids

Define Love

close up of tree against sky

Love streams in every realmWhen it originates from a spring Give yours all the love they wantfor it breathes life in all Expect love only from themwho knows love above all Love has no boundariesNor time nor distanceMakes it less effective With duties and rulesIts still waters in pool collectingIts love that keep moving, to … Continue reading Define Love

Writing to connect, Writing to express

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook

Sometimes words were not enoughSometimes the situation just not aptSometimes the listener just not rightSometimes these are emotions you couldn't speak I held my words to myselfAnd then put them to write But its no less a challengeShould i write this or thatCan i mention this or notHow to put it , so that its … Continue reading Writing to connect, Writing to express

Reblogs – PTSD:The impact of cyberbullying on psychological health and how to deal with online abuse

Bullying—including cyberbullying—causes significant emotional and psychological distress. Just like any other victim of bullying , cyberbullied kids experience anxiety, fear, depression, and low self-esteem. They also may experience physical symptoms, and struggle academically. But targets of cyberbullying also experience some unique consequences and negative feelings. With the advent of social media, there was an explosion of personal opinions … Continue reading Reblogs – PTSD:The impact of cyberbullying on psychological health and how to deal with online abuse