Not an easy title to settle for Not something one dreams of. A connection with the soul A responsibility to become the whole. No appreciation or achievements to flaunt No felicitation or certification to share around. Every pointer asks of your value How are you contributing being nothing of value How should I tell , … Continue reading Homemaker


I cant speak always sweet dipped in honey Sometimes I will speak with honesty Not to let anybody down Nor is it going to bring back time. A word of a caution from part of my experience So that you are aware Your choices are not clouded You live a life with a fair chance … Continue reading Aware


I dont try ,so hard to connect I know, we are already connected. Each one of them who feels for me I can feel their love. Each one of them who sees through me Knows I have touched their soul. Each one of them who knows what I am trying to make Just have wishes … Continue reading Connections

Friend And Foe

Why do I need a foe if I have a friend like you How could have you cheated your heart that still loves me How could your soul make peace when you decided to break it How will anybody trust you when you are so good at breaking one I was better with my foes … Continue reading Friend And Foe

No matter

No matter how slow one is making progress. No matter how small their contribution is. No matter how less you feel their efforts is. No matter what positions they hold. No matter how different their journey is than yours. Respect each one of them Each small little drop Adds up to the ocean. What seems … Continue reading No matter

I have a dream

I have a dream I want to leave a world behind Our kids can live peacefully in. I want to make my part To be the change I wish to see. My words wont hold down anybody Just help them believe in the light within. I want awareness to spread so far Ignorance can't create … Continue reading I have a dream


We dont grow to make ourselves capable of judging We grow to show others how can you make it. We dont put our trophies to boost our ego We want our trophies to inspire you to have yours. We dont want you to follow our track We want you to be as original as you … Continue reading Humility


Being judgmental : Oh you be aware We have our eyes on you We are checking your every move We will tell you when you dont meet our standards You be wary , alert and nervous You should be bothered how well you stand up to our expectations We are self approved rule makers We … Continue reading Judgmental

Hi friends Paperback of My Books

Hi friends paperback of all my books are up and available now on notion press and amazon.in. for readers in India. Paperback for other countries please visit : paperback-revised-books Below are coupon codes to claim discount on prices only on notion press. https://notionpress.com/read/life-just-as-it-iscoupon code: NEWRELEASE https://notionpress.com/read/relations-and-influencecoupoun code: FIRSTRELEASE https://notionpress.com/read/life-and-meaningcoupon code : NEWCOUPOUNS https://notionpress.com/read/the-circle-of-lifecoupoun code : … Continue reading Hi friends Paperback of My Books

Be the Light

Sometimes you can be the light that directs in the deep blue sea Sometimes you can be the light that gives warmth at night Sometimes you can be the light thats hope in the dark thick forests Sometimes you can be the light that nourishes life. Sometimes you can be the light in anothers dream. … Continue reading Be the Light


I shared my secrets with you I thought it was safe with you. I told you my story I opened up wholly. I found the dear friend in you . And then one day Something happened to you. You put my weakness On display for everyone to see. You found opportunity In my vulnerability. I … Continue reading Trust

My Journal 71. How to stop others opinions affect your views

different pebbles on beach as abstract background

Being part of this socializing trend how not to let others views affect your judgment or not let them lead your thoughts or doubt your own views. These should be very carefully evaluated decision because most of the time we want to be part of these social relations that gives a sense of belonging ,at … Continue reading My Journal 71. How to stop others opinions affect your views

Paper Boats

To see them float across the streams Eyes follow them till lost in dreams And then another to follow its trail But all of them take their own ways. A wonder to see paper floating on water A paper that gets stained with just drops of water Managed to float in a stream of water … Continue reading Paper Boats

I am with you

We know very less about life on the other side Still we jump to conclusions. We beleive we can move all But these are lives , not mountains of rock. They have had a past They carry burdens vast. Give them all the time you have Stand with them To let them heal with time … Continue reading I am with you

Growing Together

crop friends stacking hands together

Growing Together This poem is dedicated to all my blogger friends and special mention to those friends who never gave up one me , who made me realize how important are my words of connections more than my motivating poems and writings, who even after their long breaks would take time to read and respond … Continue reading Growing Together

Hi friends

Hi friends, I want to request all my readers and blogger friends to please write a review about my writings , poems or books here in comment . Just to know how my writings connect to you , what is that you like about it , any suggestions or additions . A simple appreciation or … Continue reading Hi friends

Fun with no intended pun

selective focus photo of person holding joker playing card

Such a vain display of characterFun in mocking at other.A stage of jester performanceAudience to laugh atTo keep the play going .What a show of his witful tact'sTo lure the audience.Lost track of sensesLaughing for funAt another's expense.And we pray for a world with empathyWhen there are ones lost in ecstasy.And after all that , … Continue reading Fun with no intended pun

My Journal 70. Creative expressions

creative sculpture representing female face located on sunny street

A few days before i shared a post on my Fb wall of contemporary sculpture artist, it was an amazing collection of creativity .Where a complex sculpture structure was very simply beautifully , artistically achieved with using plain structure of rods and physics that gave it a feel of moving sculpture adding life to space … Continue reading My Journal 70. Creative expressions

My Journal 69. Life and Books

assorted books on shelf

There is a deep connection between the two life and books and how they complement each other. Its through these books we have learnt from what was known to life and what we haven't known , what is there more to explore , travel to unknown and imaginary realms, paths traversed , knowledge discovered and … Continue reading My Journal 69. Life and Books

My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

life is now neon signage

In life many a times we walk the wrong path not knowing its not leading to our destination this may be due to wrong decisions or wrongly directed or wrong people and relations or lies that you believed or was made to believe in . And what happens when you realize you have reached a … Continue reading My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

Being All

back view photo of a woman in black sleeveless top carrying a toddler

Nobody told the clouds to rain and shine at the same time The sun never gave warmth of moon, though its heat gives life to all. The ocean takes in from all that comes in  , it never has to give back to them. The roots hold on , but the delicate leaves caters to … Continue reading Being All

My Journal 67. About Writing

Hi friends today I received the paperback copies of one of my book . It was a wonderful feeling to actually hold it for  all that I have put in so much into.  Its not about the efforts or time . The reason , dedication ,writing about my journey ,lessons , challenges and solutions . … Continue reading My Journal 67. About Writing

What is it about Life

man wearing grey shirt standing on elevated surface

What is it about Life. What is it about Life challenging?There are always people on the other side of your being. What is it about Life annoying?There is unending hunger still there are others rejoicing. What is about Life so beautiful?The beauty is in the eyes of holding, its not the same for all beings. … Continue reading What is it about Life

A death of thousand dreams

A death of thousand dreamsEach dayeach one of them pushedTo give up on their childhoodTo chase livelihoodTo cater to hungerTo prepare for raceTo achieve gradesTo follow tight schedulesTo carry burdens of expectations Asthose toys lay restsky filled with stars no time to gaze.no more silly talksno time to see , the dust moving in rays.no … Continue reading A death of thousand dreams

Changing Times

gray double bell clock

Its a different world than you have seen Those rules no more work hereThose principles don't fit hereThose typecast definitions have lost valueThose connections have renewed values. Its time you embracea time that is no more the sameIts a different world , a whole new game. In these Changing TimesPositions one holds no more define … Continue reading Changing Times


low angle photo of airplane flying over building

Emptiness A living lie so true to denyLike virtually movingSo plastic it never crinkles. ButA heart that knowsSomething is missingkeeps one pushingthe soul wandering. This empty spaces withinkeeps one remindingof those dreamslong lost in surviving. Nothing can fill the voidall those grandeurcant coverup for the black holeengulfing light.the star of life diminishing from sight. An … Continue reading Emptiness

Education Posts Archive

top view photo of girl watching video through imac

Hi friends these are posts from education and practical ways teaching that talk about various topics from early education , challenges , education system , teaching techniques , homeschooling.

Pages from My Life Parenting -19

family playing charades at bonfire in garden

Family time Indoor games Its very important to play indoor games that bring us together as a family, we have always known of many board games . But there are games based on questions and interactions that can be made fun as well as helps in bringing all members of the family closer .But in … Continue reading Pages from My Life Parenting -19


anonymous travelers walking along sandy seashore

Expectations the burden of own longingsunfinished wanting'srelationships with accountings. Holding onto like a baby clingingBreaking within when not meeting. The real spoiler in relationsAnother's choices dictating over decisionsPressure to meet the unreasonable conditionsUnending Fights to achieve positions Not set them so highTo end with a sigh.Just right for self and in relationsDon't push to see … Continue reading Expectations

Hi friends my poem published in Journal

Hi friends this is my first poem published in a journal since I began writing officaily last year. It has been published in the INNSAEI journal. I hope to write more for many journals in coming time , wish me luck and positivity to expand beyond my blog as I want my words to touch … Continue reading Hi friends my poem published in Journal

A collection of my Poems

wood dirty desk industry

Hi friends since its my blog anniversary , i decided to make a collection of my poems these are part of my books too. There are topics from life , emotions , woman , motherhood , humanity , writing , parenting , children i try to speak of varied things through my poems just when … Continue reading A collection of my Poems

If …

green tree near green plants

If wishes were fruitsthey would carry seeds for future tree If kindness were leavesthey would serve without a mention doing their bit If love were flowersthey would bloom spreading fragrance in air If endurance were branchesthey would hold together even at the strongest winds If goodness were stemsthey would serve for all thriving If humanity … Continue reading If …


friends gathering at dinner in night garden and chatting

Many a times we are in a situation either within our families or in social surrounding we are trying to resolve issues , make relations better , raise concerns , work on persistent problems. This requires one to have a proper discussion to address or solve these issues so as to maintain the peace in … Continue reading Discussions

My Journal Posts Archive

Hi friends and readers who have joined me recently these are posts from My Journal If you would like to read my previous posts and content , Recently i have been a little low on creative content , so have been writing more on parenting and education my other passion . Hope these posts may … Continue reading My Journal Posts Archive


wood industry writing winter

Affirmation for kids does wonders when practiced regularly as their parents help them feel good , strong and confident about themselves . It has immense power at that age where we are shaping their mindset about themselves and as they are working on their various challenges . These are positive statements or messages they say … Continue reading Affirmations

Writer’s Block

scattered letter blocks

The dreaded monsterI have heard a lot about itBut was sureI was never going to see it. AndIts finally here for me to face it.Its been a while nowI even thought to drop out.There is an urgeMind filled with thoughts.But like something has robbed me of wordsUnable to stitch them together.As if something blocking my … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Stay Happy

Just stay happy For no specific reason Nothing dares to hurt A smiling face That radiates like a moon glowing Only awestruck It reflects in anothers smile Let nothing fade This happiness that rises from within I know there are struggles neverending But just face it with a smile Its already half battle won within. … Continue reading Stay Happy


Those words so true Like striking a cord in you They speak of it That was somewhere within you So clear , so blissful Only left in you is to make a click And you leave speechless With a feeling touched you. Just a footprint you were there too. Timstamped in memories Something now a … Continue reading Speechless

Walking Between the Lines

low angle photo grayscale of person tightrope walking

Walking between the Lines A part of me hereAnd a part of me thereThen I choose a side.Masking one half of meEmbracing all on the other side. AndAfter sometimeback to the other half.Trying to live thosemissed parts of my time. This keeps on and onSwitching between sides.Its always the other partwanting to take over.As i … Continue reading Walking Between the Lines

Hi friends Paperback Revised Books

Hi friends I am Sharing paperback links to my books, revised new books: Self help , Journal books : collection of journal and poems Life Just As It is -( Self Awareness , Self Confidence , Motivation) Relations and Influence โ€“ (Social Science , social relations and influences) Life and Meaning โ€“ (Spirituality, Self Realization … Continue reading Hi friends Paperback Revised Books

An Artist

woman painting outdoors

An Artistis never satisfiedalways wishes for more.Finds strength in admirersAnd critics get quieteras one moves forward.Not interested in others toolsSoul always wandering for a museTo be sketched in creations new.The quest never fulfilledtakes one to far off landsto discover unknown horizons.Wanting to capture all that canSometimes a moment in timeSometimes imagination fine.Never getting too predictive.Never … Continue reading An Artist

Hi friends My Ebooks Revised

I have been revising and redesigning my books with more content and reorganizing them for their varied topics. Self help , Journal books : collection of journal and poems Life Just As It is -( Self Awareness , Self Confidence , Motivation) Relations and Influence - (Social Science , social relations and influences) Life and … Continue reading Hi friends My Ebooks Revised

No memories

shallow focus of letter paper

What it is to be likewith no memoriesdeliberately vanquishedevery bit of itso that they don't keep haunting.A part of you lost with itIts like the night sky filled with stars but no dreams.Its like a heart beating but with no feelings.Its like an album with your pictures but you are not in.These memories don't just … Continue reading No memories

The Big Story

entwined golden wire with shiny surface in evening

The Big Story Even after so many versesSo many storiesThoughts unendingQuestions ponderingStill there's a feelingnot so satisfying.As if its not hit the right cordSomething is still missing.Something still withinWaiting for the right words to frame inTill then i keep wanderingBut nothing brings me that redemptionTill that story in me is unheardI want to speak of … Continue reading The Big Story

My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

woman with white earring on ear

We live in a society where conforming to others opinions , thoughts or ways is seen as something really positive or good. This need not be always right just to fit in to the bracket of " goodness" of definition of another we put up with everything and if one doesn't or is very clear … Continue reading My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

Words have great power

sticky notes on board

Words have great power A word here and thereAnd means something else altogetherUsing it just rightwhen you want to make it clearPutting in a waythat doesn't mean to hurt otherGiving it just the right detailsSo that it strikes the centerSome of it woven with your heartSometimes just as a crystal clear thoughtSome backed with facts … Continue reading Words have great power


clay jugs near stone wall of ancient building

Broken I fix those pieces everydayto carry my part of burden.sometimes i go oneven when some of it have fallleni stand up again tallgathering and putting them together.With every dropi carry in my broken piecesI serve my purposei try to mend otherssometimes make them stronger. You cant see those cracksSo carefully fixedI don't let my … Continue reading Broken

Building Good Conduct

selective focus photography of child s hand

The most difficult fights of our lives have always to begin from within we taking the first step of courage or a decision to stand up against it . This step is the most important point which decides your further life and decisions . These fights are the most difficult when one is alone and … Continue reading Building Good Conduct

Practical Ways 18. Sequencing skills

It is necessary to introduce kids to sequencing whether to perform the smallest task , or breaking up a complex task to sequence of activities or taking instructions and following the sequence. These skills are very much used while designing coding through writing algorithms or flowcharts. It can be introduced through various ways either through … Continue reading Practical Ways 18. Sequencing skills


grey elephant near green trees

Influence Great achievements, trophies and medals.a proof of your mettles.you have made a placeworthy of accoladesa point to celebrate. But Your skills have reached true valueAs they reach to influence moreTo help them achieve what you have mastered. The greatest happiness comes fromseeing another find the inspiration in you.Able to share your art and skillsto … Continue reading Influence

Sensory Play

It is important to introduce sensory play through various activities , objects or games around . As it has many advantages and plays an important role in the development of various skills. It is allowing the kids to explore the world around them through various senses like touch , smell , hearing and sight . … Continue reading Sensory Play


Darkness cant be trapped Its in closed rooms it gets darker. Light even as small as candle Has the power to remove darkness. Only that this light be lit from within the darkness To let it know to open the windows For there is more light to let in. Light that comes from within Lets … Continue reading Darkness


experience lettering text on black background

No one can be two at the same timeeven a superhero has his cape removedto be as common among his own. even the water changes its formto reach places in different forms. Even the light has different sourcesto guide us at different times. Not one route alonecan lead you to different destinations. To make this … Continue reading Wisdom

Using the Right Language

mother helping her daughter with her homework

Whether for academics , helping kids work on their difficult areas , trying to explain them about diversity or complexity from topics around , reading or communicating , exchanging and listening to them its very important to use language with right words , details in a manner they understand and can connect , even with … Continue reading Using the Right Language


Opinions madeOpinions half bakedOpinions about everything than about selfOpinions powered by insecuritiesOpinions blinded by superiorityOpinions without baseOpinions with motiveOpinions to deviateOpinions to trick Even if one is jack of everythingStill opinion about another is a nothing. Making opinions don't raise ones barBut for sure says about ones mental state a lot. Its not in ones … Continue reading Opinions


calm body of water during golden hour

You cant be meI cant be you The sky is your homeThe ground is my place You can view from heightsI can see in depths You believe for your needsI believe in that works for me For you still have to come to groundto rest your wings.I too have a look up at the skyto … Continue reading Diversity


photo of multicolored abstract painting

There are rules to createthat perfect masterpiece.Those perfect strokes and shadings.Creativity and expressions just flowthey are reflection of the soul.Not crafted with perfectionThe beauty lies in their imperfection.To be able to connect to realityNot a perfect piece, But a part of imagination .That is me.Perfect is goodIs worthy.Imperfection is trueJust how i want it to … Continue reading Perfect


purple and pink letter k

Excuses Why me ?They all have been. Why just me? When there are others doing. Why only me? Not them who have more than me. Why not? When its what all are following. Why even try?It has always been like this. Its has to be someone to make a difference .To follow the pathnot everyone … Continue reading Excuses

My Journal 65 . Goodness

sea sunset sunny man

It is not enough to have goodness or practice it , one needs to be aware , learned in all ways to protect ones goodness . It not easy to change people around you or expect them to be good just because you are , that's the reason through various topics i try to speak … Continue reading My Journal 65 . Goodness

My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

Most of the time when people reach from nowhere to somewhere. They take pride and boast about their journey and achievements . Not only that , to show their value and importance they would look down or put down everyone else less or make sure to undermine others value to maintain their importance. That is … Continue reading My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

My Journal 63. Start with a clean slate

chalkboard with brown wooden frame surrounded by red gift boxes

At certain times in our lives when we are the start of something very new or we have to begin all over again , we have to be ready to start with a clean slate. To not to carry burdens of our past wrongs , stern approach , not carry regrets or take the blame … Continue reading My Journal 63. Start with a clean slate

My Journal 62. Brandings

close up of hand holding text over black background

Our generation is very much driven by branding . There is an entire industry that works , researches , analyses and strategize techniques to reach and influence. Goods , services even celebrities are portrayed to us as brands with their unique feature that is made up to focus on human requirements or emotions with catchy … Continue reading My Journal 62. Brandings

Being Me

sea sunset beach vacation

I am doing the dance I can To the music in my mind. Dont ask me why Nor tell me how I just want to do it now. Like I am alone For myself alone. If you are watching Don't waste your time Dance to your tune in your style I wont watch you. You … Continue reading Being Me

Thankyou ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽŠ

Thankyou friends and readers helping me reach 500 in WordPress and 1000 in all platforms. I will keep doing what I do best and try for better every time. My focus will always be to express than impress , to connect rather than perfect , spread positivity through words and solutions. Thank you for being with … Continue reading Thankyou ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽŠ

Points for Trying

girl reading english alphabet

It very important as tutors or parents we appreciate the Childs attempt to find a solution and recognize their efforts. This is very much needed to keep their confidence , interest and positivity to work on their own for solutions , to locate and work on their errors without being disappointed for not able to … Continue reading Points for Trying


blue red and yellow electric wires

I dont feel like writingwith so much chaos around.With challenges on personal ground.So much of confusionA fear of the unknown.No answers to problems blown. I don't know me writingnow does it make a difference.A thought always back of my headWhenever i sit to write. I just write with a hopeIt is to fool my hearteverything … Continue reading Chaos

My Journal 61. Generalized

herd of sheep on farm in dirt near fence

A very common thing followed is bracketing everything or generalizing opinions based on gender , positions , professions , relations, culture , beliefs . Which is very not right, though these are widely accepted and forms part of our back thinking too. There is a kind of following to certain professions , certain characteristics or … Continue reading My Journal 61. Generalized

Why I write

I dont write for information I dont write for knowledge I dont write for advise or counsel All of that is much available on the web I write for connection I write to spark I write to give words to all that around I write seeing for you and me I write because it is … Continue reading Why I write

No more love

Why does it feel always like a memo To even get across to you. Why do you stare at screens Even when I am speaking to you. Why dont you understand When I say I need a break. Why do you open accounts To show how much you do. Why cant we just speak and … Continue reading No more love

My Journal 60 . Nullifying

yellow and green led light

Remember those times from childhood when you go to complain to teacher or parent about another , and after sometimes the other comes up with a claim you were the one who actually made it happen or are lying about the incident and your complaint is nullified . It becomes difficult to prove how the … Continue reading My Journal 60 . Nullifying

Oh Mother

mother and daughter on grass

Oh MotherI wish you could seehow strong I have become.I deal with all on my own.I don't cry over any pain.I have learnt to do it all alone.I am now a mother too. I know how much you have been through,But i am going to be a different one.This time i will let my kids … Continue reading Oh Mother

My Journal 59. Good to be Ok

My writing are sometimes ok , sometimes good . This is my own evaluation of my work as I relook . Yes the intention and thought behind each is clear, the difference is in the rendering depending on conditions differ. But one thing for sure i like the ok ones equally to the good ones … Continue reading My Journal 59. Good to be Ok


diya burning on table in darkness

Belief There are timesI am at the end of my wit and strength.I have tried all that from my box of gems.I have put in all till my last drop of breath.I have not much , time a crucial element. After all my efforts, Still when nothing movesNow i know to submit to the One. … Continue reading Belief


person holding yellow black eyed susan flowers in bloom

People make friends for different reasons and choose friends over varied reasons. Some friendship last life long ,some as long as you work along. Some make friends whom they carry along , some make friends they can share all about . Some friends for benefits , some friends mean business . Some friends who never … Continue reading Friends


woman in white and red floral dress standing on green grass field

TimesWhen no more left in you.Have responsibility ahead of you.Lives dependent on you .Storms that shook you. Out on ones feet. And you,don't have much to complain.nobody to entertain.work alone stands main. To continue,You block thosepain receptors in brain.They no more feel,no more reactno more ask.Everything turns numbto keep the show going, inside everything feels … Continue reading Numb

My Journal 58. Power of positivity

woman holding a smiley balloon

Do not underestimate the power of positivity in current times . This power in you has the strength to make miracles for self and others around . I believe in this power of positivity, though it may be a part of pseudoscience. Positivity can make great miracles, especially positivity radiated by the community at large, … Continue reading My Journal 58. Power of positivity

Not Just Expressing

writer working on typewriter in office

Not Just Expressing Its not just expressing.It may look that simple ,very natural and easy,but very awarechosen with carebuild with probequestions to explore . Sometimes writing seeing the self inSometimes seeing for others have been.They speak more than what they seemdepends on the depth you can swim.They can be your friendas much as they are … Continue reading Not Just Expressing

My Journal 57. Celebrate Yourself

man with fireworks

It is very important to celebrate the person you are for all that you are now , for the journey you had, for struggles you put up with , the wins and also the losses you took and stood up again. It is about accepting yourself as a whole that make you the person you … Continue reading My Journal 57. Celebrate Yourself

My Journal 56. Mutual Admiration and Respect

anonymous colleagues shaking hands before business meeting

Its very important to respect and appreciate each other mutually in any relation to keep respectful views from both sides, value your differences , respect for the relation, commitment to the relation , public display of appreciation for another despite any conflicts. Being a writer i admire my readers for their ability to see through … Continue reading My Journal 56. Mutual Admiration and Respect

My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

selective focus photography of red fruits

Hi friends i couldn't write for sometime there were difficult times at home , wouldn't speak much of it . But yes there are these days when things look really out of hand , i don't find strength to do more , yes there are these bad days i wish never happened . I wont … Continue reading My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

My Journal 54 . Two Different Worlds

white and blue globe on white box

We all know how its to be part of two different worlds with this pandemic the one before it and the one now we call the new world . The rules , life , restriction , change in all spheres' of life and many more complexities that doesn't fit into words that cant explain how … Continue reading My Journal 54 . Two Different Worlds


close up photo of woman praying

You know those days When there was no more in you. Still you kept going For a power within you to stand for them , you love. The power of faith, when you know you are not enough still you wish to keep going for another. There is something much greater. In this scheme of … Continue reading Faith

My Journal 53. How Not to Doubt Yourself

motivational simple inscription against doubts

Today is a very special day for me and my blog , i didn't realize this until i got a notification saying my plan in WordPress has been renewed . it was exactly this day one year before i started my blog. I never thought i would make it till here , but then now … Continue reading My Journal 53. How Not to Doubt Yourself

Ups and downs

We will be through it. Both the ups and downs. Dont expect it to be a perfect one, There will be bumps along the road. We may cross each other. Sometimes we move parallel. At times one of us pulls over , The other keeps moving. At times we are in the same lane. Sometimes … Continue reading Ups and downs

When I can’t

I can't. When I say I cant . It doesn't mean I dont want to try. Just that, I want you to believe, Put that in me. Show me how to be. Hold me till I find my feet. I may need more of you, To find more of me. Be patient . Be strong … Continue reading When I can’t


To be in my shoes. To say you understand me Is never enough. You have to shrink to fit. You have to expand your horizon to see. Believe there is more than what you see. There are challenges to life more than you have seen. Just dot be so quick Walk a mile with me … Continue reading Empathy

My Journal 52. Its a fight everyday

I too have limitations , flaws , drawbacks the way I am already made. The only thing I can do about it is be aware and a fight everyday to keep it right in its place a check on self it doesn't loose . Something's are so difficult to change or may be just deeply … Continue reading My Journal 52. Its a fight everyday

The Outstanding Blogger Award ๐Ÿ†

Grace Y. Estevezย recently nominated me for The Outstanding Blogger Award. I appreciate and admire Grace she writes beautiful poetry that connects to your heart about human nature , relations , self awareness , motivation , confidence , mental health and much more . Her works are very inspiring and she has a very expressive and … Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award ๐Ÿ†

Self Aware Learning

top view photo of girl watching through imac

We all have different strength to learning some are concept based , language based , logical and analytical based and some rely on memorizing. Though in academics most of the performers are from memorizing type. Other styles of learning are not much known which can helps others achieve grades like toppers , unless one learns … Continue reading Self Aware Learning

My Journal 51. Laugh it off

happy young women sitting on couch and talking

Its , The ability to laugh at own self to help us to face our true selves and yet  embrace and accept it as part of ourselves makes life lovable. To be able to accept ourselves just as we are , among our near ones is a great boost to being ourselves. Family or our … Continue reading My Journal 51. Laugh it off


person on a bridge near a lake

Take a deep breadth, Go to the inner depth. Cut off from everything, That bothers you. That angers you. That tires you. Now you find a space, Very blissful. Very clear. Very you. Now Only you, No one else there, to blame . to point . to disappoint. Travel the inner world , Seek answers … Continue reading Reflect

In these times

In these times , That challenge humanity. All of you who hold positions, Within your community. Within your family. Within your connectivity. For all that, Your skills speak. Your education matters. Your soul searches. Stand up for once and speak, Make sure not one from yours, Moves out without a mask. Not because one is … Continue reading In these times

Some days

Some days I feel lower than others. I am not at my best. I will take time n recover. I have thoughts that need a look. I have a visit down those lanes. Sometimes, My muscle and bones ache. My words dont find strength. My inner self needs a connect . My struggle is real, … Continue reading Some days

My Journal 50 . Comfort Zone

inscription caution on yellow tape on stone

Well getting over fears , our blocks is finally about breaking from this comfort zone , but its really a very difficult route . You are fighting yourself , pushing to go place where you don't want to be,ย  breaking away from your comfortable position. But why should we even do this when we are … Continue reading My Journal 50 . Comfort Zone

A Broken Wish

There is one, this little wish, You wished for , all your life. From the time you gained senses. You kept following it just right. That small little wish, That was your life. And one day to realise, It is never to be. Now leaves a crater never to be filled. All the trophies , … Continue reading A Broken Wish

Multi Sensory Learning

little girl playing with wooden blocks at home

Many a times kids don't learn through a particular style of learning its important to introduce learning through styles that connects better to them . This requires the tutor to understand through insights and from evaluation which learning suits the student better . Every child connects better to a particular style of learning that helps … Continue reading Multi Sensory Learning

Not All Opinions matter

Not all opinions matter. Dont let them inside your head. Nor waste, changing their thoughts about you. Dont explain , they dont want to know you. Dont let it question your own intentions. Dont let it doubt your value. The only reason they exist, To make sure you give up on you. If they really … Continue reading Not All Opinions matter


stone head of famous person in museum

Original is being me. Seeing all of that through me. Expressing as me. Its in being me. That is unique. Thats original . But not different, In our feelings. Just my words to connect through those cords that connects all living . Copy has no value . Its a comparison . Its a reflection . … Continue reading Original