Homemaker by choice.I hold a degree in engineering which has enabled me to get a logical outlook to my issues in life

Have always been interested to learn on own. Mother of two has given even more deeper sense to what life wants us to focus on and make our choices for their best. I have had experience in teaching at colleges and freelance teaching , also added to the experience home teaching my children.

Always passionate about learning and teaching in a way to get across any topic from the fields of education of schooling to college, has helped me to learn and improve ways in which one can easily learn.

Most of my writing are inspired by real life practice .

This blog is more focused on common view towards parenting , education ,life, culture.

For professional advise please seek professionals.
I share through creative writing and experiences how teaching , parenting can be done through a reflective thinking and making necessary improvements and steps to suit the child development. A lot of research , reflection and experience has been put to writing them.

Below are categories that might interest you in my blog:

Parenting- Some tip and creative ideas and some ,common issues related to kids, changing scenarios and ways to modern parenting.

Reflective Parenting– These includes topics that we need to reflect when raising kids and effect of culture, society, norms and our thoughts .

My Life Parenting – Some real life ways and examples to boost learning through play or real life scenarios .

Education –Education system , study and preparation tips at home, homeschooling or home teaching , different sources and ways to modern teaching techniques, evaluation techniques.

Practical ways – Practical ways to teach reading , writing and developing other skills at a early education to primary level.

Poems – Poems and prose on topics from parenting, children, life , education , school life, woman, motherhood.

Life lessons- Those worldly wisdom or life lesson that we learn along the way about human complexities and nature.

Short stories – Learning Trivial Affairs short stories , Parental woes short story, Changing trends.

COVID-19- Changes in education and parenting post pandemic

Big skills– LIfe skills to live better , complete and peaceful life.

My journal – About those small things that teach great things from my life.

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