Words powerful

She looked at me with tears in the brim

Her pain radiating  through her anguish

I know i had push her to make through this.

And then I spoke, to help her rise

A word to remind and  believe in the strength within

Not giving up in the face and sinking in

Using the power within her and the divine connection .

An assurnace

It won’t last forever

But not let this moment engulf her

Let it pass

And you will be almost there .

To take control not let the moment overtake you.

Such moments have tested all

Only those who didnt submit

have made it through to believe

There exists a power thats beyond our logic

That gives life to our physical being.

And then she made it

With a smile looked at me

I knew where she has been

And I know those words powerful have done it.

13 thoughts on “Words powerful

  1. Beautiful Gayathri. Standing and holding another’s hand when they are in distress – giving them the confidence to sail through- beautiful expressions.

    1. Yes a very critical point and time to support and be there for anyone. 🙂🌼❤️THANK YOU

    1. Yes a very much one does to support their close one to saul through those times. Thank you🙂🌼❤️

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