My Journal 74. Life Talks

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With our kids and close relations to build this internal connection to understand from perspective beyond just material world , its necessary we discuss about spirituality , humanity and life. Through these talks help them realize their potential as humans, our responsibility to our environment and lives around . How in various stages of life we need to take effort to build ourselves for the coming time which cant be skipped . Yes at the same time keeping in mind our limitations, working on our drawbacks and preserving our uniqueness. Through these talks help build and infuse the strength of affirmations and positive talk and never give up attitude.

How its important to do our part but yet maintain the balance . A small conversation i had with my kid in such times . She is tired and have been losing interest to keep up with her studies most of her attention diverted to playing . Yes she has been dealing a lot at personal and health level . But then i needed to talk her out a mid way making her aware how and why these growth years are important to develop and learn as these serve as base for years to come . This stage of development, provides the right support system and environment to learn to build herself for times to come . Yes she can take time out and balance for herself but keeping in mind the other areas don’t get ignored making as much effort as she can to keep making progress needed at that time. I tried to speak to her about life how it requires certain kind of hardships to make lives better in future . Yes with better planning and organization she can keep off the stress but there is no escape from putting in efforts.

Another instance where, At playtime there would be discords between her sibling who is younger and would not be able to keep up to all her ideas and thoughts . I would let her know how she needs to understand at that age how its difficult to expect her sister to understand such complex instructions . How she needs to understand and make play simpler for both of them to play together . Its not all that we would want to achieve or do but how we can take along others in what we want to achieve by making place and allowing them to be part of it.

We need to take out time to discuss to bring in life perspectives at times that demand us to see beyond the impossible , to believe in our inner strength , to develop this inner connection and motivation that is driven by reason and understanding of realities . This helps one to develop empathy as well as build emotional intelligence being the driving force behind their decisions. Not every time one can be driven by achievement and material gains alone after all humans are connected way deeper and beyond that.

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