Down the lane

I kept walking down the lane

Turning pages of time frame.

I have seen me been through all

Those autumns that shed my leaves .

Those volcanos that devasted and dislocated me.

Those famines testing extremes.

Those floods washing away all and then to rebuild.

Those earthquakes that shook me within.

And then the evolution that made my older self extinct.

Still through all of that

I held you tight

Protecting you

taking all on my back.

I stood as a tree.

I remained unmoved as the mountains.

I kept you safe deep like the sea.

I nurtured you like the earth bearing all of it.

Now I see you in front of my eyes

None of it makes me hurt

None of it weakens my spirit

Now ,I know all of it was worth it.

9 thoughts on “Down the lane

  1. Beautiful expression..
    Life is full of and down..
    How one goes through all this is what matters.
    Stay blessed always

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