Alone but not lonely

Its not that I dont value you

Its not that you are insignificant to me.

Just that

After being through storms for such long

I want to be alone and calm

I want to be on my own

See things move from a distant zone

I want to make my part

But from my comfort zone

Its after long

That I am finally able to see for myself

I want to be in this moment

Feel this peace in a slowed down pace

Hope you understand me

And always count me in.

23 thoughts on “Alone but not lonely

  1. Yes , being alone dies not mean being lonely. It is just being at peace with oneself. A self tak , introspection helps.
    Stay blessed.

    1. Yes very much need of time when we are so wired and need to be on our own thank you🙂 ❤️🌼

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