Not just flowers

We are not looking only for roses

Why compare us to just flowers.

We too want to run those machines

Why shouldn’t we own one of those extremes.

We very well understand complexities

Why cant we be the thinkers that lead.

We known how to hold it together

Why cant we be the mentors.

We are logical and can handle any critical situation

Why cant we be the decision makers.

You are so quick

To make up your mind

We carry only make up

We are prepared to cater

We are emotional

And you haven’t grown to see

beyond those typical blocks.

We can achieve much more

than you can ever accomplish.

We are not looking for just flowers

We want you to accept

We are No less or even better

In everything you can do.

12 thoughts on “Not just flowers

    1. Thank you dear Jeff , i really like when you call most of them powerful, i really wish to create that impact and your words makes me feel good to have done so. thank you dear friend.🙂❤

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