She had a dream

Have you seen dreams shatter

They are very painful clutter.

She had a dream

At a hands reach

Still she couldn’t touch it.

All thats inside her

Just wanted that one thing.

She gathered All the pieces

But was not allowed to put it together.

She knew thats what made her complete

And still she chose to be incomplete.

Dreams are so unreal

But when they break

they hurt deeper than real .

She continued living

Now without her dreams

No one ever noticed

Her eyes slept

But with no dreams.

What do you think

Made her give up on her dream

Wish only she knew

Or the ones who had forced her to.

Every such dream that were stranded

That never saw the dawn

Had many stories unspoken about.

She continues living

Like a machine.

Look around

And you will find her just around .

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10 thoughts on “She had a dream

  1. Yes, society is full of broken dreams. So many have been forced to give up tgeur dreams for the sake of society or family.
    Very well expressed Gayatri..
    Stay blessed always.

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