Not yours

If they have not seen you shed

Nor seen you rise after sinking.

Those times you just kept surviving and enduring

Carrying a smile but a time out for all the grieving.

If they have  not know your struggles

All those inner battles.

How are they to be yours

They have no place

To say they own you

They have known you.

To have seen spring

And not know there is an autumn

That sheds those leaves.

To have seen days bright

And not know a dark night follows

That prepares and repairs.

To see those mountains high

And not knowing the treacherous climb

That tested and tried.

If they haven’t seen you through the other side

They can never be yours

They can never own you.

They have never know you.

Let them know

That you have always known

‘not yours’ anymore.

10 thoughts on “Not yours

  1. Right..
    There are acquaintances , friends, and best friends. Even the friends do not understand you at times in the entirety. But then everyone is there in life fir a meaning. Most are there just to give you lessons and not a blessed company..
    Stay blessed always

  2. Wow I really like your perspective , thanks for sharing your thought s they always add more to all that I write. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚πŸŒΌπŸ™

  3. I absolutely love this piece , Gayatri. It literally answered a pressing question that I was pondering. These lines really moved , me my friend. Thank you. “To have seen spring.And not know there is an autumn”.❀️

    1. I always feel good when my words connect to others I feel my writing has served its purpose. And to hear these words from you means a lot bcos I know the depth of poetry you write , most of the time i can just feel them not express it in words.

      1. I appreciate that, dear Gayatri. Thank you. This post really made my day as it helped me let go of something I was holding onto way past the expiration date. It really did help me with making a sound decision. Keep shining and touching others , dear friend.❀️

      2. Thank you dear Grace, actually friend this is not first time even in real life people connected with me have had great impact of my words for the good. thats when I realised I should write

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