If life no more seems satisfying

If life is no more driven by trophy

It no more feeds your drive.

Its time to move on to the next level

A force that that connects with your soul

A need to leave behind your part in the making

Making by changing , breaking and renewing

Not just existing .

In the making becoming the best of you

Seeing all if it through you.

Its all within you.

And whats within you

starts reflecting in the world around you.

Nothing precious you can leave behind

Except a world better than you had.

Burn to ignite the spark

To light those torches that carry forward.

10 thoughts on “Mankind

  1. Growing is what life is all about…
    One got to keep reinventing and rediscovering a new him … Giving and sharing should come naturally along with a intent of improving things around..
    Stay blessed always,

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