Dazzling Blogger Award✨

I’m overjoyed to have been nominated for the Dazzling Blogger Award! Thank you to Julia Tannenbaum from https://wackywriter.com/about/ for the nomination! Julia is an activist and an author , her blogs are very inspiring and motivating also she shares her journey as she battled through anorexia and depression. She is creating a lot of awareness about struggles and mental health through her works and inspiring many lives. She is the author of very inspiring and uplifting books Changing Ways, Breaking Free, Choosing Life. . If you haven’t already checked out her incredible blog, please do!

What is the Dazzling Blogger Award?

This award was created by Helen from Crispy Confessions to celebrate the achievements of other bloggers who she felt excel in at least one major area of blogging: writing skills, engagement, social media marketing, and content.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Link to Helen’s original blog post.
  3. Answer the seven questions asked by the nominator.
  4. Come up with seven new questions.
  5. Nominate seven people who you think exemplify excellent blogging skills.

Julia’s Question:

  1. How did you first get into blogging? Pandemic , lockdown gave me time to take my writing officially to next level.
  2. What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? I am a person who goes with the flow , but i have goals related to my kids development and education as they more at home now.
  3. What are you doing in your everyday life to take care of the planet? I am a minimalist , i follow simplicity in my choices and everything that i own.
  4. What’s something unexpected but wonderful that’s happened to you? To be able to follow my passion again through writing.
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I would like to visit all places in my own country India , every place has a unique culture, history , cuisine I would want to know more.
  6. What is the best book you’ve read recently? I dont read much , most of my time is dedicated reading my kids books as i have a lot of effort to put in there. But i read a book short story collection and a poem collection both by great authors and friend : Draupadi’s Only Partner and Love Knots
  7. What is the nicest comment you have received about your blog? That it is inspiring and they would want to read more of it , My way of expressing is really nice…

My Nominees


My Questions

  1. What do you like about blogging the most?
  2. How is blogging different than other platforms for writing and expressing?
  3. Why do you write , the reason behind sharing your thoughts?
  4. Which food do like the most or cuisine?
  5. What types of blog do you follow the most?
  6. what does creativity mean to you?
  7. Why is writing important to you?

Thank you again, Julia, for the nomination! Shoutout to all the awesome bloggers out there for doing what you love!

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