You can sense when their words dont mean what they have spoken.

You can sense the intention behind their actions.

You know when they are here for another reason.

Those vibes have already spoken .

Still you take a step ahead

To make a step towards change

May be your vibes will influence them

To change their minds for what they had already made.

But if that doesn’t change their thoughts

Be sure of all those first read thoughts.

Leave it to deal on their own

They are going to attract vibes similar to their own.

In return getting served what they had prepared for.

14 thoughts on “Vibes

  1. Yes…one can do his or her bit…rest is fir the other to absorb, accept or reject..
    Stay blessed always Gayatri.

    1. Very true when given a chance to change one needs to move in that direction . πŸ™‚πŸŒΌπŸ™thank you

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